Pilates exercises while taking care of the baby

Pilates exercises while taking care of the baby

Time is the greatest enemy of mothers! While children, work, home care and other activities require you and kidnap you from your time dedicated to sports, we come up with solutions at your fingertips. There are special exercises for extremely busy moms. Have you ever thought about doing Pilates while driving the car or even with the baby in your arms? We teach you how!

In the car (the wheel)

  • raise the seat back from the car to 90 degrees to make sure the back is straight;

  • keep your hands on the steering wheel so you can easily remove the upper back (keeping your spine right) from the back;

  • imagine that you have in your head a pile of books that you are not allowed to get rid of, that way you will have a tendency to stay upright.

These exercises help to maintain a correct posture during the couch or to correct a deformed one.

Everything behind the wheel (when you are at the traffic light)

  • when you are at the red light, move back and forth with the car seat;

  • when you make these movements, push the soles firmly on the floor of the car, tightening all the buttocks muscles;

  • after you have made a few moves go - come on, stand upright with the back of the seat at 90 degrees and with your hands on the steering wheel, tighten your feet and push the soles on the floor as if you were trying to get up, but do not ( hold them for about 5 seconds)

In the town

This is an exercise for when you are in the city without a car and it is meant to improve your posture and work your back muscles:

  • try to balance the level of the shoulders by pulling them slightly down and back;

  • do not force them to avoid tension, you should not feel pressure when you try to equalize and hold them straight, find a comfortable position;

  • imagine that you have a slope of books that you hold in your head and that you don't have to get rid of (as in model courses) - they will force you to stand upright and to tighten your back and neck muscles, working them out .

When you hold the baby in your arms

  • when walking with a child in the arms it is necessary to change the child often on one hand and on the other to avoid the development of the edges of the hand and shoulder of one side, as well as the deformation of the shoulders (they will in time become unequal in position, one above , another one below, because you will have the tendency to be inclined in this way);

  • try to hold the baby as far in front of you (on the midline of the body) and not on one side (mothers tend to hold the baby on one arm, on one side); This way you will avoid twisting your spine to the side you hold the child, as usual, which contributes to its deformation; helps you maintain the right spine;

  • when you hold the baby in your arms, imagine that you have a backpack with back weights that pulls you in the back, while the weight of the baby pulls you in front; do this to avoid bending when you hold the babies in your arms and "cock"; it keeps you balanced.

Twists with the baby

  • keep your legs apart so that you cross the shoulder line a little;

  • in this position bend your knees a bit (as if you were doing a knee flexion, but stop halfway);

  • hold the middle baby in front of you with your hands outstretched;

  • keep your back straight and twist the child slowly and slowly, without changing the shape of your legs, other than the torso.

When you raise your baby

  • bend to the height of the child (as when doing a knee flexion - that is, with your back as straight as possible, your legs slightly apart, bending your knees only until you reach his height, not at all);

  • move the center of weight of the body on the heel and push in the soles when you raise the child (try not to bend the back, but to raise it with the right one);

  • make this move every time you bend after the child, over time the results will be known.

When riding with the stroller

The push of the stroller has a negative effect on the position of more and more mothers. They hold the upper body as tight as possible, forming in time a small cock.

  • you can imagine that you are on the treadmill when you are walking with him on the street;

  • do not lean over or over the buggy when pushing him;

  • use the resistance handles (from which you push) to straighten your shoulders and chest, because when you push it he opposes the resistance and if you stay relaxed you will notice that he will tend to push your shoulders slightly in the back;

  • stretch the back and waist well and push the soles firmly into the ground at every step to engage all the muscles in the work;

  • do not grip very tightly with the stroller's hands nor tighten tightly because you will strain your hands and shoulders; try to push the stroller only with your hands (without shaking hands) where there is no traffic and you are safe with the babies;

  • take the steps as clear and correct as when going on the tape.

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