Explain to the child the significance of December 1st!

Explain to the child the significance of December 1st!

The day of December 1 is a full of historical burden for Romanians everywhere. Is the national day of Romania. Young children who have not yet walked through the school gates and at school hours will not know exactly what is happening on such a day. And then how do you explain to the child its significance?

Take an earth globe for children or an atlas and identify our country

If he is at a very young age, help him to get an idea of ​​what the idea of ​​the country, the border, as it is located on the map, putting his finger and showing him on the map where Romania is. Tell him that he is there somewhere too!

Tell them about the flag of Romania and its significance

It starts from the most important symbol of our country: the flag! Tell him what it means and what value it has for our country.

Explain that there are several countries and each has a specific flag. Explain why our colors are red-yellow-blue! Because it is possible to ask yourself. You can tell him that blue means freedom, yellow means justice and red means brotherhood.

It's time for a short history lesson related to December 1st

If your kid is bigger then you can deepen the little lesson and get into some more specific details. These would be like the Unification Day in which all the Romanian countries were united in a single state called Romania. I do not think it is advisable to tell them data because they will not hold them. You can tell him that the Union was founded in Alba Iulia under the leadership of King Ferdinand I. You can talk to him about the Romanian countries that gathered at that time and other such details, not going into very precise details. It is important to remember how the Romanian state was born!

Look together for information about the Union and the leaders of the countries that have come together under one name, if the little one is interested! Find photos and specific illustrations with the king, fighters, etc.

Buy him materials about this national holiday

Ever since he was little you can buy him a small flag, a few patriotic signs or materials or books and DVDs with movies about the national holiday. Try to choose the most animated and colorful materials, because a historical film about the Great Union will not catch his attention!

Tell them about our traditions

Explain to him some things and traditions that are specific to us, to help him a little to realize why we differ from other peoples and countries that he sees on the map or on the globe. You have to outline in his mind an entity called Romania in which he lives and which is not the same thing with Greece or Bulgaria he visited on vacation. This can be done by explaining the specific values ​​and customs of our country.

Go together to the parade organized on December 1st in your city

After you have explained in more detail and its meaning which is the symbolism of this day, it is necessary to explore it personally. Take your little boy to the military parades organized for this holiday and don't forget to explain to them what is going on there and why.

It is the right opportunity to talk to them about the anthem. He may not have an age to hold him, but he is old enough to be able to identify him if he hears him on other occasions. It is not a bad idea to explain to him what he means to Romania.