9 habits to steal from your child

9 habits to steal from your child

You have to admit: even if it's just a joke, your child can teach you a lot about life. It is true that everyone who knows about the world knows about you, but there are certain things that your little one does naturally, such as expressing emotions. Do not spoil to follow his example from time to time.

Here are some habits you could steal from your child:

Free feelings!

Obviously you will not roll on the floor, screaming from all spiders when the boss steps on your nerves. But not repressing your feelings is not healthy either. No one will judge you if you let your emotions in sight. Emotions are a natural thing, a reflection of how what happens to you affects your mind, body and soul.

Many adults tend to repress their feelings of fear that they will be labeled as inadequate. Therefore, they hide their anger and swallow their tears. In reality, there are no inappropriate or unjustified feelings. Everything you feel is real to you. Be honest with your own person and express your emotions and feelings. When someone addresses you with words you miss, tell them you feel hurt, without accusing him or her of being wrong with you. Make him understand that his words had a negative impact on you, even if that was not the interlocutor's intention. Discuss what you are feeling with a family member or a trusted friend. If the writing frees you, keep a journal.

Get involved in fun physical activities

Children have the gift of enjoying themselves to the fullest when they move. They are full of energy, they laugh from mouth to ear and are ready anytime for a new round. You, on the other hand, pull yourself to train. And when you choose to do it, you do it because it should, not because you really want it. Remember the time when you were a child. What activities did you like? Resume some of them and find the joy of moving along with your child.

Love your nudity

The little ones have no embarrassment to pick up their shirt in the middle of the store or get naked with the guests. Of course, we don't suggest you do the same! The idea is to feel comfortable in your own skin so you can take more care of your body.

In addition, how you talk about your physique will influence the image your child will create about himself. So, learn to love your body. To increase your self-confidence, eat healthy, move and wear clothes that benefit you.

Learn to say "no"

Children often have moments when they take "no" in their arms. Their constant refusals can be frustrating for parents. Before you get angry, think about why you say "no": because you don't want to do that then. It just doesn't feel comfortable.

Follow his example: say "no", politely, when you do not want or feel able to do this. You will get rid of many frustrations.

Ask what you want

Your child knows how to express very clearly what he or she wants. He asks you the same thing several times, throws a long "please" or takes you in his arms and kisses you. If he then resists, he does not shy away from tears.

The lesson is simple: when you want something, tell it. If you do not speak, no one will guess what is on your mind.

Don't hide yourself

When a child falls and hits, he begins to cry, but as soon as the tears have dried, he forgets the incident and returns to play. This strategy can also be of help to you. Instead of criticizing yourself harshly, give yourself a break. Do not remember your mistakes forever, learn from them and move on.

Seek joy in simple things

Look at your child: he laughs with happiness when he spins in the circle. Remember the moments that made you smile: a rainbow on the sky, a kiss on the forehead, a favorite song.

Rediscover the joy of simple things. You will be charged with positive energy.

Draw a slumber

According to specialized studies, 20-30 minutes of sleep after lunch can help you improve your mood, alertness and performance.

Ask for help

Many women are reluctant to ask for help, as they are afraid they will not be listed as unable to handle themselves. Doing everything by yourself does not make you equal to others nor superior, it only makes you tired.

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