The color of the chair in infants

The color of the chair in infants


- My baby is 7 weeks old, I breastfeed him with milk powder similar to 3 days advance and his chair is green? it's normal? For several days I give her tea. Can it be from tea? Or is it something intestinal?


The color, as well as the consistency and the number of seats in children as in adults, varies from one child to another, from one day to another and depending on the diet.

While breast-fed infants (who receive only breast milk, without tea) usually have yellow-golden, semi-liquid, pasty stools, those artificially fed have stools of greater consistency, the color varying from light yellow. to brownish-green or bright brown.

Just changing the color of the chair is not a cause for concern, it can be given by the introduction of tea.

If, however, other changes in the appearance of the stool appear, such as the presence of mucus, pus or blood in the stool, if symptoms or signs of illness (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, jaundice, etc.) appear or if it does not increase in weight , a pediatric doctor is required.

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