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Christmas gifts that stimulate the child's artistic sense

Christmas gifts that stimulate the child's artistic sense

Your child has started growing and spreading a little talent more and more. The arts have an essential role in the development and education of the child, as well as in expressing their own individuality. Whether it's a little Picasso or a Mozart of our times, Christmas is the ideal time to encourage your little one to figure out whether he is an accomplished artist or not.

Puppet theater

  • a unique gift for both boys and girls;

  • it is a multifunctional toy, it can be both puppet theater, as well as a writing board or drawing board.

Price: 599.00 lei

Drawing set with Maia patterned patterns

  • an ideal set for encouraging the child's creativity and for developing artistic skills;

  • includes colored pencils, patterns from the world of Maia bees, scissors, sheets of paper and sharpeners;

  • also contains guidance illustrations for coloring the characters.

Price: 21.90 lei

Magic Kit - Chameleon Cards

  • introduce your little one into the magic universe, helping him organize magic numbers in his own house;

  • The book pack allows the little magician to perform prediction numbers, mysterious occurrences and coincidences.

Price: 43.84 lei

Tablet 2 in 1 (with letters and magnetic numbers)

  • it has two faces for different activities, which makes it multifunctional;

  • the first facet is for writing and drawing with chalk;

  • the other side of the sheet is white metal, which the child can play with figures and magnetic letters;

  • includes 77 letters, numbers and magnetic signs.

Price: 289.90 lei

My first potter's wheel

  • the child learns pottery techniques to create various clay objects and then has the opportunity to decorate them with wonderful ceramic colors;

  • illustrations of possible models;

  • the set contains clay, modeling utensils, brush, ceramic colors and guide.

Price: 63.00 lei


  • a source of inspiration and fun for your little one;

  • he carries the child on the land of musical notes;

  • develops his imagination and artistic side.

Price: 10.45 lei

Melissa & Doug - Sound Puzzle

  • a unique method to teach the little boy the musical instruments, the sounds that each one makes and to develop their skill and creativity;

  • 8 musical instruments await their conductor;

  • as the pieces are fitted on the board, the sound of each instrument found is heard.

Price: 57. 90 lei

Kidi Pop & Rock 3 in 1

  • if your little one is not determined to become a guitarist, pianist or drummer, then you can help him by choosing a multifunctional toy - 3 instruments in a single fun toy - guitar, piano and drums;

  • 3 modes of playing jam, song and concert;

  • 3 musical styles: rock, jazz or hip hop;

  • allows recording and playing songs that the child can compose.

Price: 186.90 lei

Alex Toys - Paint T-shirts

  • encourages the child's creativity and imagination by having him customize his shirts in the same way and in the face;

  • a set that contains 60 stickers in different models, 4 vials of different colors.

Price: 64.90

Odyssey electronic organ

  • a real source of fun and relaxation for little ones;

  • polyphonic organ with 25 flaps (2 octaves);

  • 5 instruments;

  • removable feet;

  • lights;

  • chair included.

Price: 297.60 lei

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