Cleaning month in kindergarten

Cleaning month in kindergarten

In order to prevent the diseases that affect the little ones in the cold season, Igienol, the universal disinfectant for homes has started the "Cleaning Month in Kindergarten" campaign.

The project brought together 8 private kindergartens from Bucharest who were helped to maintain a clean and healthy space for children and who benefited from the advice and information provided by pediatricians Ana Culcer and Mihaela Chitila.

Lauder kindergartens, Rainbow Kids, Kinder Club, Fairy Nest, Little Magicians, Arlechino, Happy Kids and Chitzi-bush received cleaning products from Igienol for the entire duration of November, which they used for both the hygiene of the play spaces. , as well as for cleaning and disinfecting toys for children.

In addition, in each of the 8 kindergartens, pediatricians Ana Culcer and Mihaela Chitila conducted meetings with parents and dwarves, giving them tips and ideas for effective and healthy cleaning.

30 days, 8 kindergartens and 100 liters of Igienol

In total, during the 30 days of the campaign were used over 100 liters of Igienol with which were cleaned and disinfected more than 1200 square meters and hundreds of toys, and those over 150 children from the 8 kindergartens and their parents attended doctor's meetings.

"The cleaning month in kindergarten proved to be a very useful project for kindergartens, children and parents. The first ones received an effective cleaning product, the children had fun learning about cleaning and disinfection, and for the parents we had some interesting tips they promised. I am glad that there are such projects and that I was able to be part of the Cleaning Month in kindergarten, because the health of the children must always be a paramount concern for all of us, "says Dr. Ana Culcer, Head of the Neonatology Section of the Bucharest Municipal Hospital.

The "Month of Cleaning in Kindergarten" project is part of a comprehensive campaign initiated 6 months ago by Igienol, the universal chlorine-free disinfectant for homes.

So far, the approach has included an information section on the importance of disinfection and the harmful action of products based on sodium hypochlorite ("chlorine") on children's health, as well as the event "March of Babies" held in September. The Igienol campaign will continue until the end of this year.