The role of probiotics in the body of children

The role of probiotics in the body of children

Changing and attacking the balance of the intestinal flora, either voluntarily (through antibiotic treatments, inadequate diets, etc.) or outside our will (through inflammatory, allergic disorders, intestinal functional disorders, etc.) is a major problem of pediatric practice.

The intestinal flora contains "good bacteria", but also "potentially harmful" bacteria. The natural, microscopic defenses of our body, the "good bacteria", act in competition with the "harmful bacteria", limiting their colonization space of the intestine.

In pediatrics, frequent infectious disease in children and the use of antibiotics can often cause imbalances in the gut flora, because the antibiotic kills and beneficial bacteria cause diarrhea.

In these conditions, the use of Biotics preparation, either in capsule form in children over 3 years and in adults, or in the form of Biotics Baby in the form of envelopes for infants and young children is absolutely necessary.

Biotics is a food supplement with a high degree of medical safety because the bacteria contained in it are part of the normal intestinal flora.

Biotics Baby can be administered dissolved in water or milk from the first months of life to create a balanced intestinal flora for the baby.

This product normalizes the stools, improves the symptoms of irritable colon, strengthens the immune system, prevents the appearance of complications of repeated or prolonged treatments with antibiotics, ensures a comfortable digestive status during travel and, last but not least, improves the general condition of the child's body.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before using Biotics Baby.