A gift for a smile!

A gift for a smile!

We have established where we will celebrate the entry into the New Year, we have completed our holiday outfit, we have prepared the menu for family meals ... all the items on our list seem ticked, but something is missing ... a good deed on the eve of the holiday!

This is how we got to know the children of the Day Center "The Childhood House". Beautiful dwarves, with cheerful eyes, but cannot enjoy childhood.

There are children with autism, children who need our help in order to recover. Art therapy and play therapy are two of the extremely important activities in the development of children with autism spectrum disorder.

This is how we came up with the idea: organizing a gift-gathering event to support these therapies that take place in the "House of Childhood".

When we say cafe / pub / club, we automatically think of fun, parties, concerts. But around the holidays, some of these venues are heading for the humanitarian part of the holiday. This was the case with Shift Pub. The help came quickly - the Shift Pub team understood the needs of children with autism, so was involved in organizing the gift-gathering event.

Shortly after the event started, Shift Pub became a true gift shop. New and old toys, story books, coloring books and pencils, logic games - were collected in Santa's bag by customers, journalists and local staff.

The gifts took the path of the Day Center "The House of Childhood", where Santa's aid was distributed to the children.

It all started with an idea developed at a coffee shop in Shift Pub, continued with the mobilization of all journalists in collecting toys and ended with a Gift for a Smile. Mission accomplished!

Day Center "Children's House"

"Casa Copilariei", part of the Association "Captives in your mind", is a new project that aims to facilitate the access to treatment and to a good evolution of the child with various deficiencies.

"The House of Childhood" is a center with a program similar to that of a kindergarten, respectively schools, where parents can leave their children during the day. Within the day center, children are treated, learn, play and rest, benefiting permanently by the supervision of a specialist.