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Feeding the baby at 5 months

Feeding the baby at 5 months


- What is the maximum amount of fruit juice / fruit puree and vegetable soup / vegetables that can be administered to the baby starting with the 4th month? My child was born with 3,100 g, 54 cm, and currently has 7,900 g, 68 cm, almost 5 months. Currently, at 11 o'clock, he eats about 200-250 ml of fruit juice with pulp (nectar), and at lunch time 200-250 ml soup with vegetable puree (without adding milk after). Is OK?


A healthy baby, 4-5 months old, should receive 4-5 meals / day; the ratio to a meal should be about 150-180 ml if there are 5 meals and 200 ml if there are 4 meals / day.

But these are not exact values, depending largely on the baby's appetite and tolerance; also a good hydration must be ensured, the liquid requirement at this age being about 1000 ml / day.

Usually at this age, when food diversification has already begun, the baby receives:

- morning and evening 180 ml milk formula with or without the addition of gluten-free cereals (or breast milk, in the case of children who are naturally fed);

- at 10 o'clock: some give up this meal others receive a meal of fruit, in the form of juice or fruit puree;

- at lunch: 180 ml vegetable soup (in which about half is the water in which the vegetables were boiled and half the vegetables weighed); the soup can be enriched with 1-2 measures of milk powder, with gluten-free cereals or with 1-2 drops of oil; gradually, it will increase in consistency, reaching to the puree of vegetables, and then, later, add 4-7 times a week of meat or poultry (10-30 g, boiled and passed);

- snack: milk, possibly supplemented with fruits and gluten-free cereals.

But all this must be introduced gradually in the child's diet: when a new food is introduced, only a few teaspoons will be started and the quantity will gradually increase.

Fruit juice is usually made from apples, carrots and possibly citrus fruits, and is initially offered to the baby on average 50 ml / day. Fruit puree can be made from raw or cooked apples, bananas, peaches.

Vegetable soup, first made from carrots, then add potatoes and later other vegetables: celery, parsley, pickles, spinach, pumpkin, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, green beans.

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