The Zurli Theater presents Hansel and Gretel

The Zurli Theater presents Hansel and Gretel

The Zurli Theater presents Hansel and Gretel


Sunday, February 03


At the Romanian Peasant's Club


From 10:30 and from 12:00

Hansel and Gretel

It's the story of the two brothers who have to rely only on their minds, at a difficult time for them. Played with great joy, it highlights the reaction of some children in exceptional situations. The solidarity, the friendship, the team spirit, the confidence and the courage help the two brothers to defeat the wizard and to come out clean from a very unpleasant situation. About friendship is about this show, played with great pleasure by the actors in the cast.

The witch fails to scare the children. The small spectators will become accomplices of the two brothers and together they will defeat the Wizard.
Duration of the show - 40 minutes
Adaptation - Mirela Retegan
Scenic movement - Nadejda Dumitriu
Reservations by phone: 0728.295.872 or e-mail: [email protected]
Ticket price: 15 RON / adult and 10 RON / child
We have two performances from 10:30 and from 12:00 !!
We have chairs, benches, pillows and good cheer!
At our shows the children are the ones who bring their parents to the theater, the little ones dance before the performance and the big ones applaud them - from the whole soul !!! At the end everyone gets candy !!!

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