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Yogurt strengthens immunity

Yogurt strengthens immunity

In Romania, the consumption of yogurt per capita increased in 2006 to just over 5 kg per year, while in Bulgaria it consumes 14 kg, in Hungary - 17 kg, in the Czech Republic - 16 kg, and in France - 33 kg per year. Yogurt is one of the essential foods for health. It is a source of protein, calcium and vitamin B2.

Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria, these are living microorganisms that help restore the body's immune system and natural balance. The digestive system is colonized by about 100 trillion bacteria, known under the generic name of "intestinal flora". This network is based on a delicate balance between good bacteria and potentially harmful bacteria.

Prolonged antibiotic treatments can kill millions of bacteria in the digestive tract. That is why doctors recommend that the intestinal balance be maintained through the consumption of yogurt with live yeast.

Also, in the event of an imbalance caused by fatigue, stress, sedentary lifestyle or illness, daily probiotic yogurt can restore balance and keep harmful bacteria under control. "The large number of studies is explained by the increasing interest of the general public towards the benefits of a healthy diet.

The results obtained so far allow us to hope that in the near future we will be able to fight effectively and as naturally as possible a wide range of diseases such as inflammatory bowels, allergies, rheumatism, "said Professor Radu Voiosu, head of the Gastroenterology Section of Colentina Hospital.

Source: Free Romania

October 24, 2006