Weewell, a new brand of baby electronics in Romania!

Weewell, a new brand of baby electronics in Romania!

Weewell is one of the world leaders in the field of electronics for children and babies, through its unique product range and high quality. The roots of the company's worldwide success are based on extensive laboratory research into the development of innovative and reliable products with German engineering precision.

In this development process, Weewell emphasizes the highest quality standards in terms of materials and production, as expected from the company's extensive experience in electronics. Weewell products are designed by combining German engineering with French aesthetics, all to make life easier for mothers. Technology and product development are also fueled by years of experience in Consumer Electronics.

Created with true and sincere love for both mother and child, Weewell is now one of the most popular baby electronics manufacturers in Europe! Every product is completely designed to be so smart and simple! From thermometers to high quality video monitors, the Weewell product range has been created in cooperation with mothers, doctors and nurses, and again tested by mothers. Weeweel is now present on the Romanian market, being distributed exclusively by Dot Com Investment SRL.

As parents, we want all the best for our children. The health, safety and harmonious development of the children become our daily thoughts and desires. Therefore, when it comes time to choose a product for them, quality should be the main selection criterion.

Weewell is a premium brand, with affordable prices. Present on 3 continents and over 15 countries, Weewell comes with a wide range of electronic products for babies and children. Included are security equipment such as video, intercom etc, food products such as sterilizers, heaters, yogurt machines, kitchen robots and many more. Also, the products for breastfeeding and those for the health of the child (humidifiers, ionizers, thermometers, scales, etc.) meet all the needs of your babies and children.

Weewell products were very successful at the Baby Boom Children's Fair this fall. Starting this fall, Weewell's childcare products can be found in specialty stores, as well as in the official online store of the importer www.WonderBaby.ro.