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Single mom? It's not easy at all! 7 challenges that a single mother goes through

Single mom? It's not easy at all! 7 challenges that a single mother goes through

When you become single mother, your life can turn into a stressful, chaotic, even overwhelming one, especially in the beginning period. You must raise your child or children without the support of the partner, now all the tasks related to the home and the education of the children fall on your shoulders. Being a single mother is a big responsibility, it is not easy when you have all sorts of challenges that you have to face alone, without affecting the child in any way.

There will be times when you feel that you are no longer coping, that you have too much to do, there will be situations in which you will not know how to help your child. But you should never give up, but gather your powers and move on.

Go to a place where you can be alone for 10 minutes, close your eyes and breathe deeply. It is a relaxation technique that helps you regain your concentration power and easily overcome any difficult situation. Find out what are the most common challenges of a mother raising her own child:

1. The fight with doubt

When you are single mother, it can be difficult to figure out whether you make a good decision or not regarding the little one. When you have a partner, you have a reliable person to consult with, to guide you and to help you when you do something wrong, to bring improvements together. As in the new posture you will have to decide alone, it is almost impossible not to have moments when you have doubts about how you educate and raise your child.

In order not to affect the relationship with the child, make the decisions you have made without having any reprimands. If you have remained in good relations with the father of the child, you can ask him for advice, how can you, as well, ask the opinion of your parents or other friends who have children, ask them how they would proceed if it were in your place .

2. The feeling of guilt

For many single mothers, the moments when I do something just for them then turn into feelings of guilt. It is indeed a difficult situation, which occurs especially during the period after separation. The only one able to deal with these feelings is the mother herself, she will have to overcome these episodes and self-educate herself so that the feeling of guilt does not make room for her thoughts anymore. The fault arises from any action that a person does not consider appropriate, and a single mother must first realize that doing something for her does nothing wrong. On the contrary, it will help her to feel better, a state of mind that will help to improve the relationship with the child.

3. Fear that he does not have enough money

There is no one who will never worry about money, if they get enough for the expenses of the house and for the holidays, for the food and for the clothes. Well, when you are a single mother, this fear is heightened, because there is no longer a second person to bring money into the house. It can be even more difficult if you do not receive financial help from the child's father or if you do not have relatives or parents to turn to.

For this fear to be diminished, it is ideal for mothers in such a situation to be able to make small provisions, which will give them a sense of security. Help is also the prioritization of expenses, you must first pay the bills, then make the other purchases. A list of expenses to be made at the beginning of each month will be of great help in managing the budget, so that the money reaches the next salary.

4. Lack of time

A single mother must clean the house, prepare food, take care that her clothes and those of the child are always impeccable, go to work, take lessons with the child, spend quality time with the child, and the list can continue. . As a day has only 24 hours, in which you have to rest, the time of a single mother is extremely limited. To make time better, it is ideal for a single mother to plan everything in advance and to respect the schedule. Equally important is to ask for help when you feel that you can no longer cope, it is impossible not to find a friend or close relative to help, at least once a week. What he can do is to prepare food for the whole week at the weekend, so that he no longer has to cook in the evening after work.

It is also important for the evening to never go to bed loaded with the problems of the day, but to clear their mind and think only of positive things. Thus, he will have a restful sleep and will wake up rested the next day.

5. Frustrations related to things you cannot control

A single mother can become frustrated and irascible because she takes everything in her car, is charged with negative energy without any connection. For example, she may be upset and frustrated when the child's father promises to come on the weekend to take the baby, but he does not appear, and the heart of the child is broken. All he can do is reassure the little one, but he must take no guilt. He will also have to talk to the father of the child, to explain to them that such situations bring nothing but unhappiness.

6. Fear of the future

Single mothers can face a great fear of the future, about what tomorrow will bring them, it is harder for them to see the full side of the glass. What you have to do is think positively, visualize yourself over five or ten years leading a happy life with the child. Small future plans also help for good mental comfort.

7. Fear that you will not raise a good child

Every parent wants to have a smart, healthy, well-educated child. When you raise your child alone, however, your chances of fearing that you will fail and not provide the education he needs will increase. You have to trust your strengths, do everything in your power for the good of your child and then you have nothing to fear, because he will have all the support to create a good future.

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