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Safe natural remedies for cold symptoms in children

Safe natural remedies for cold symptoms in children

The cold is a pretty nasty seasonal affection, because once it gets attached to the baby it becomes quite unbearable. There is no drug to treat it and it is about the head of the baby body taking care to give them bad moods. However, there are natural remedies that come from the symptoms with which the cold comes out!


  • helps to relieve neck pain;

  • has proven effective in soothing the cough;

  • cannot be given to children under 1 year;

  • you can mix it in tea with lemon;

  • if the child is between 1-5 years old, give him half a teaspoon of honey; if he is between 6 and 11 years old, give him 1 tablespoon.

Saline drops

  • it is the ideal method for children who are too young to be able to blow their nose;

  • rather than using decongestants or other medicinal solutions, choose saline drops (which you can prepare at home) to help soften and remove mucus that blocks the baby's breathing; dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in 250 ml of hot water; not keep it longer than 24 hours because it can develop bacteria;

  • put 20 drops of saline solution in each nostril of the baby keeping his head on his back and as still as possible;

  • with the pump she collects the softened mucus.

Ointments with decongestant effect

  • used to help children breathe better;

  • in addition, it helps children sleep better at night;

  • are ointments based on eucalyptus, menthol, camphor;

  • there are products of this kind even for babies of 3 months;

  • massage the breast, back and neck of children with a small amount.

Liquid consumption

  • combats dehydration and prevents mucus formation in the nostrils, favoring its elimination;

  • also helps to relieve fever, where appropriate;

  • children will not find water too appetizing, so think of drinks that are to his liking: fruit, lemonade, etc.

Gargle with salt water

  • one of the best methods of soothing garlic in the throat;

  • also helps to remove mucus from inside the neck;

  • combine half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and mix well;

  • the child must be old enough to know how to gargle (at school age, even later - teach him to gargle first with plain water);

  • if the child supports the taste, a few drops of lemon juice in salted water are more effective in soothing the throat.

Lifting the head

  • works at all ages;

  • helps the child to breathe better at night;

  • put under the mattress or under the pillow towels or other pillows;

  • in babies who do not yet sleep on the pillow, put towels or pillows under the mattress to avoid the risk of suffocation;

  • specialists argue that the effect can also be guaranteed by the baby's sleeping in the car seat.


  • the cheapest and handy way to strengthen the immune system and fight the cold or flu;

  • energy is needed to fight them, and sufficient rest provides it;

  • Rest involves sleep, but not only, it translates into relaxing, enjoyable activities.

Steam bath

  • helps soften and remove hard mucus from the nasal cavity that prevents the baby from breathing;

  • it is efficient at all ages;

  • you can steam in the bathroom, giving the sleeping water to hot water and closing the door, then putting the baby in the room for a little (no more than 15 minutes); if you add a little eucalyptus or peppermint oil in the water then the effect is even faster

  • you can do this with a room humidifier

Poultry soup and hot liquids

  • hot drinks and liquids (such as soup, tea, etc.) help to avoid nasal congestion;

  • specialists argue that it also relieves muscle pain, fatigue or fever present in colds and flu;

  • serve these hot and not hot liquids.

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