How do you prevent strangers from touching your baby without creating conflicts

How do you prevent strangers from touching your baby without creating conflicts

The kindness of a baby with small mouths, small sleeves, big eyes, a smile that melts everyone, can make strangers want to touch your baby. It can happen in the store, in the park, even on the street, when the baby sleeps quietly in the stroller, to appear a foreign person who, without asking your permission, to touch the little one.

In fact, babies are adorable, innocent and cute, which is why they attract adults like a magnet. But as a mother, this gesture irritates you enormously and brings you near the threshold of despair and you do not know what to do to stop this advantage of the unknown.

It is perfectly normal not to want foreign people to handle the baby. It is enough to admire it with the eyes, only from a distance, for various reasons: you do not want the little one to get a virus from the person who touches it (especially in the first months of life, when the immune system is not yet well developed) , you do not know if the person is clean on his hands, if he respects the hygiene rules.

In addition, you know very well that babies do not like to be touched, kissed or even held in the arms of strangers. Some mourners may become nervous and irritable when they are touched by people they do not feel close to. But how do you keep those who are dying away from giving your baby an adorable meal? Here are some tips:

1. Stick a funny sticker on the stroller

On the principle that it is better to foresee, you can take the example of some mothers who chose to stick on the baby's stroller a funny sticker, similar to those for cars, which writes "Baby on board" which shows that you do not want the baby yours to be touched. It's a funny way in which you can warn passers-by that your baby doesn't like the touch of strangers at all. The sticker, which you can make yourself, you can also glue to the car seat.

2. Use body language

The gestures you make can show a stranger that you do not like your baby to be touched. Take a few steps back when you see him approaching you, then you can politely tell him that you do not like your baby being touched. Also, in a whispered tone, you can also tell the respective person that when it is touched by an individual you do not know, your odor starts to cry and you can calm it with great weight.

3. Hurry up

It is not in vain to say that women have a sixth sense, so most of the time you realize when a person intends to go to your child to eat. As soon as you notice this, push the stroller harder, to move away from the person. Eventually you can tell the person that you are in a hurry, that you have to get to the doctor and you are already late or that you have to get home to feed the little one, because it's lunch time.

4. Learn to say "NO"

What you can do is leave the shame aside and be direct with the person who intends to touch your child and say "No" in a firm but calm tone without giving him any explanation. You do not have to contend with your conscience that you have been disrespectful or rude, you must dare to defend your opinion.

5. Find some phrases to use

Sometimes, some innocent lies can get you out of trouble, so reaching out to strangers is just a memory. It's always good to have a few phrases ready for when someone is approaching the baby's stroller or coming towards you when you hold the little one in your arms. It could be a reply like "I'm very sorry, but my baby is not allowed to be touched by other people except family members, because the pediatrician has forbidden this, because he is a sensitive child and can easily get sick. "or about a reply like" I'm really sorry, but the baby has just recovered from a cold and you don't have to touch it, he can get sick again! "

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