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Toxoplasmosis, a risk for pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis, a risk for pregnancy


- What treatments exist for toxoplasmosis? I have the following values ​​IgM - 0.803 antecedent 0.781 IgG - 49,900 antecedent 55,100 I mention that I have been treated with rovamicin 1.5 MUI of 2 times 100 pills in 2 months with 5 days break per month and biseptol treatment 1 month 1oo pieces pills and I also had an abortion due to toxoplasmosis in February 2006. If I get pregnant after these treatments and the current values ​​affect the pregnancy or not? I am 32 years old and I have no children but I want one desperately.


Following the results presented by you and the laboratory results you would find that this infection with toxoplasma occurred somewhere in the near past and especially that this infection is still active (a fact suggested by an antibody level, both IgG and IgM, in increase).
Even though the analysis almost clearly indicates an infection still present, the repetition of the dosages after the completion of the administration of the medication already established, will have the intention to signal the response of the organism as well as the moment when the acute infection will be remitted.
In order to record a positive result, IgM must be negated, IgG remaining positive as a defense system in the event of a new encounter with the parasite.
Patients with a healthy immune system (immunocompetent) and who are not pregnant do not need treatment for toxoplasmosis.
Any symptoms that occur will be resolved without treatment, and a person who has had toxoplasmosis and has cured himself, can no longer be infected later (a previous infection confers subsequent immunity).
However, if the specialist in infectious diseases observes a weakened immune system (probably in your case) and considers it necessary to establish a therapeutic course, this treatment is recommended to be performed only in the hospital, due to the undesirable effects that may occur in the administration of these preparations (by usually the combination of Pyrimethamine with Sulfadiazine and folic acid is used).
Since it was found necessary to institute a drug treatment I recommend you to follow exactly the directions given by the doctor.
As a personal opinion, I do not necessarily find the need for detoxification of the body after therapy against toxoplasmosis (Rovamycin is also given in pregnancy, and regarding Fluconazole - the product of Diflucan - there are no studies that have negative influences on pregnancy, when administered at therapeutic doses and before a possible pregnancy); so with IgM negation for toxoplasmosis a possible pregnancy will not be affected by the medication given.
The period that usually lasts the treatment (three months) is also useful to restore your immune system through a life that does not contain excesses of any kind, through a natural diet - to prepare yourself in this way for the period pregnancy.
I hope that the indications I have provided to you will help you to understand the complexity of the situation and the importance of a good collaboration between you and your GP.
Good health!
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology - Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

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