5 tricks for quiet shopping with young children

5 tricks for quiet shopping with young children

Shopping with your toddler is almost always a real adventure. She is sprinkled with screams, tears, shoplifting, but also an impressive amount of stress, nerves and other hysteria in both camps. But they have an important educational role and you should not avoid taking the child after you, on the contrary! Here are some tricks for having a quiet and relaxing shopping with the children!

Prepare it from home!

Tell them about the location where you go, what you do there, what is the list to follow and the purpose of shopping. Keep up to date with what will happen to know what to expect. It is very possible that he would not even dare to want something again since you told him that you came only for food or drinks or other things and so on.

Don't ignore it!

He still hears it through the store, saying he wants one, wants another, or has a craving for various foods he has never tasted. And you tend to ignore it, to pretend you don't hear it, as if it didn't exist! This is not the solution! He will continue to do these things until you realize it. Better talk to him and explain to him the reasons why you can't take what he wants or why you came to the store and discussed at home.

If it still shows up ugly, try the compromise method: tell them you will only get one, if it is good, it will listen to you and help you shop!

Go to a supermarket or mall with the children's play area!

Playing in the store may be your salvation in some of the most unpleasant situations you might face when shopping. If that location has a supervisor hired to take care of the children in that place, leave it where it can interact with other children, while you make your shopping more comfortable. If he does not have such a person, then try to seduce him and use the play area as a promise to go there after shopping, if he is a counselor and helps with the purchase of the products. When it comes to play, the kids would do anything for her, especially if they see other kids messing around!

Make sure you have the "baby bag" after you!

You do not have to enter the whole house in it, but you must always be prepared for the moment when it will have an access of anger and you will not know how to calm it. The idea is that if you can spend hours shopping, the baby is cut off after only a few minutes, maybe even less. And then you have to have at hand: your favorite toy, cardboard, lollipop, etc.

Go shopping early!

Choose your morning or late lunch to go shopping with him. And especially the moments when it is relaxed and quiet, not when it is hungry, sleepy or moroccan. Stores are usually crowded in the afternoons and evenings and this can irritate the child. That is why it is good to choose times when people either work or do not leave so early in the house for shopping. Avoid weekends!

How do moms in the community handle the forum when they go shopping with their child?

Really: I have often noticed parents who are exasperated by the behavior of the children in the store. I always tell him when we leave home that he is allowed to choose one or two things and if they agree to buy them, if not, we choose others. Do you know how many times he alone brought some objects in favor of others on the shelf? I'm not saying that all the problems have been solved, but most of the time he understands. I explained to him that we can't buy books every day and now it's funny when he says "come and show me a book! We don't buy it now. We buy it again!

Carmencarmy: As a verified and functional method in many of the situations when you do not understand me as a child 'is the one where you have to "shake" the potential. That is, he expects you to get upset, to give up, to stop, to win the cause, and you - the capable - have to divert everything from the object of the conversation: "Wow! Have you seen what's on that shelf?" we got up to see! Aaaa! I had seen a kitten ... ran away now ... let's quickly look for her! "

Dialnyko: He was just sitting in the donut and if he came with the handcuffs to the shelves, he would carry the cart! Not that she wanted something, she was amused by the idea of ​​shopping too! She put one side in the basket, and we the other side back on the shelf! When he grew older, things changed! When he wants something he asks, and if I haven't taken anything yet, I take what he wants (I rectify them, as there are now two). But if they have already got "something good", I ask them to choose: this or that? And so I proceed regardless of candy, books, toys, clothes ...

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