15 breakfast ideas for fasting

15 breakfast ideas for fasting

Given that most breakfast foods contain eggs and milk, the idea of ​​removing these ingredients from the menu can leave you with no nutritious and energetic solutions at the first meal of the day. If you do not know what to replace the two "sweet" foods in the menu, we suggest 15 tasty ideas for fasting, so you can benefit from the necessary intake of nutrients and energy, but also the delicious taste you expect from a hearty breakfast!

Oat fillets with fruits and honey

If you used to consume rice and gravy with milk in the morning, you can successfully replace them with a porridge made of oat flakes with fruit and honey. It is prepared in a manner similar to milk grains, except that instead of milk, water or vegetable milk (soy, almonds, etc.) is used. Fruit and honey are added at the time of serving.

Vegetable milk with cereals

If you can not give up on your breakfast menu for milk cereals, find out that you do not have to do it fasting. Keep your habit, taking care only to replace the milk of animal origin with the vegetable and not to consume assorted cereals containing traces of chocolate.

Vegetable salad with tofu

Fresh vegetables are a joy offered to your body in the early morning hours. If you fast, you can consider yourself lucky, as you will not have to make many sacrifices. But if you used to garnish your delicious vegetable salad with generous pieces of cheese, find out that you can substitute this dairy with tofu, considered a vegetarian alternative to this preparation.

Sandwiches or spreads with humus

Humus is a vegetable paste similar to pate, extremely nutritious and delicious, which you can enjoy without problems at first hour of the day. You can serve humus on any kind of bread - wand, paste, chives, focaccia etc. - as long as you make sure it does not contain milk or eggs. Humus has the merit of providing some of the most nutritious nutrients that energize the body.

Peanut butter sandwiches

The sandwiches remain the most practical snack for breakfast. If you thought that without cheese or meat, your sandwiches no longer have a place on the menu, you're wrong. They can be made from a lot of delicious stationery ingredients. For example, peanut butter sandwiches give you the perfect sweet taste that you crave at any time of the day, but also the necessary energy that the first meal of the day must provide to the body.

Sandwiches with tofu and fresh vegetables

If peanut butter is not to your liking, try the classic sandwich with cheese and vegetables, only this time it replaces normal cheese with a vegetable one, the most popular alternative being tofu.

Cereal sticks with honey and muesli

Besides the fact that they are fasting, due to the ingredients of vegetable origin, the bars with cereals, honey and mussels represent the explosion of energy and vitality after which the body craves at the beginning of the day. Enter them in the breakfast menu, along with a fruit juice, and you will have a well-being throughout the day.

Yogurt with cereals and mussels

And the yogurt with cereals and muesli, so practical and tasty at the beginning of the day, can remain in your fast menu. It replaces the classic assortments of cow's or goat's milk yogurts with those of soy or other types of vegetable dairy.

Tofu omelette with onion, tomatoes and pepper

If you miss most of the breakfast menu item, find out that you are not obliged to give up this tasty preparation, perfect for the first meal of the day. It can be successfully prepared from tofu, vegetables and curry. Tofu replaces eggs, and vegetables and curry provide the sensational taste that makes you want a second serving.

Pancakes or pancakes with fruit, honey and nuts

Do not get sad! The famous pancakes with all kinds of syrups, sweets and goodies remain among your breakfast options. Remove the eggs from the recipe, replace the milk of animal origin with the vegetable and you will have the same delicious pancakes and fasting. Aromatize them with as many spices as possible and savor them with honey, sweets, nuts, nuts and other delicious delights, but fast.

Fruit salad or smoothie

Fruits remain some of the foods that should not be lacking in the composition of any breakfast, as they are rich in nutrients that provide energy and protect health. In addition, there are fast foods that you can eat simple, in salads or in the form of tasty shakes or smoothies.

Toast with sweets and nuts

You should not give up the joy of eating bread in the morning like at home, anointed with generous amounts of sweetness and sprinkled with plenty of nuts. Even if the butter layer is missing from this combination, the taste will remain as good and tasty.

Raw salad with vegetable mayonnaise

Prepare a delicious celery, carrot and apple salad, top it with a little olive oil or vegetable mayonnaise, salt and pepper, then eat it for breakfast on slices of toast. It is an exceptional breakfast breakfast idea, extremely tasty and nutritious.

Fruit and almond bricks or nuts

And the muffins can be adapted to the rules of the station and can be eaten at breakfast. As long as they are not made with butter, milk or eggs, muffins can be enjoyed without problems in the morning. In order to compensate for the nutritional losses offered by the ingredients of animal origin, introduce in their composition several whole grains, fruits and oilseeds, so that you enjoy the nutritional properties that this meal must offer.

Donuts with dried fruits and almonds

If you do not have time to make brioche, you can just find some delicious snacks from whole grains, honey, dried fruits and almonds, which you can enjoy every morning with tea. They are sweet, tasty, healthy and provide you with the energy you need for a full day.

What do you eat at breakfast fasting? Give us your suggestions for breakfast recipes, in the comments section below!

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