Choosing the church, what questions should you ask?

Choosing the church, what questions should you ask?

Choosing the church is a necessity sometimes, but it does not mean that it is easy. The place where you will take your child most of the day should be researched and analyzed from corner to corner because it must inspire your total confidence. So, pay a visit to the nursery you have targeted for your little one, inspect the location and ask key questions to find useful details in your decision.

First of all, point to a crèche that is on your way to returning from work or close to home. Then pay them a visit and ask them the following questions:

What schedule do they have, between what hours?

This way you will know how to organize your time and will know from the beginning if it meets your time needs. Some of them may have extended hours.

How many children are in the group?

It is important for the child to stay around and interact with other children. This is for the benefit of its development as a social being. But the number of children in a group shows and how well the attention and care of the educators of each child is distributed. If there are too many, your child will not be as well cared for and increases the risk of minor accidents.

How many people deal with those children and under what conditions?

Ask about the church staff, what staff there are, how many educators there are, what happens when one is missing, more educators take care of one day in a group, etc. The event also has discussions with some educators present at the moment in the room and ask them questions about how they would react in different situations in which they could put the child in the nursery.

Is there medical care for each group?

Medical assistance is compulsory in nurseries. But it is important to make sure that if something happens to your little one, someone is always there to provide first aid. It is preferable to have more nurses, at least one in each group.

How many meals are offered per day? Is the food prepared in its own kitchen or is it in the catering system?

You can also ask for a sample of food to test its taste and see what it looks like. If it is cooked in your own kitchen, ask for permission to visit it. This way you will see if the hygiene norms are observed and under what conditions the food is made. If the food is brought with a catering company then ask for more information about the company.

Ask how many meals a day they have and if they can be adapted to the particularities of the children (some eat past example).

Who is in charge of the menu?

It is important that a nutritionist or a specialized person (a pediatrician, if possible) is responsible for the children's menu. They know best what are the nutritional needs of children their age, which food combinations are beneficial, etc.

Does every child sleep in his crib?

There are still institutions where children sleep in the pile. It is important that the baby has his bed, privacy and comfort.

Does the child receive pampers or not?

Most nurseries receive children who still do in the pampers. Even in some of them, the child's learning to do pottery is part of the activities carried out there.

Can I be given the treatments prescribed by the doctor (if needed)?

If the child is receiving treatment, you must ensure that the kindergarten staff is able to follow the doctor's instructions and recommendations and to ensure continuity of treatment during the kindergarten stay.

How does the nursery proceed if the child has a fever (or is ill)?

There are various rules of the nurseries on how to act when children are sick. In some of them if the child has a fever as it is there, first the mother is called and she is asked for permission to give the child an antitherm, then she is asked to come and take it.

What is the cost of the church?

Last but not least, it is important to ask what the full cost of the church is, per month or per year. But do not hesitate to ask why it has that price and what exactly goes into it.

Then, do a visual inspection and notice some defining elements that would help you make the right choice:

  • look to see how clean it is;

  • observe the behavior of educators around children; see if they interact with them, how they react when they cry or are irritated, etc .;

  • take a look at the children present at that time in the nursery and see if they seem relaxed, happy or scared and stressed;

  • analyze a little the caregivers or educators; first impression matters.

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