7 activities to stimulate the brain in young children

7 activities to stimulate the brain in young children

Be a smart mom and choose to involve the child in activities not only fun, but also useful in its development. Here are some fun activities that help stimulate the child's brain, by contributing to imagination and creativity!

Make a photo album together

Put your creativity and imagination to the contribution and try to involve him in creating a simple photo album. Buy everything you need (special plastic sheets, cardboard, glue, labels, etc.) and get to work. Let him choose the pictures with the family members or with whom he likes the most and involve him actively in the making of the album. Explain to them beforehand what you need to do at each step and then let him / her put into practice what you explain to them, helping him if he needs to!

Create a postcard or a greeting card

Any drawing of your little one can turn into a greeting card. So, have him draw something, then cut the creation and paste it onto a rectangular card (the size of a greeting card), then have him write (as he knows and how it comes out, with a little help from you) short message. On the back you pass all the contact details and light the day with a greeting card. It can be grandparents, relatives, friends, etc. Go with him to the post and send it!

Teach him to plant flowers (gardening)

Spring has arrived, so it's just nice to spend your little time in nature. The gardening season starts now. Tell him about the nature and the planting of a flower and a tree and ask him to help you! Also, to be even more fun, have him draw a flower on the paper and then cut it and go to the garden to plant it next to the other flowers you have taken care of. You will understand this process better! In addition, there is no chance of getting dressed too soon.

Spend a color week day

Have the child choose a color weekly and spend a whole day. This means that in all the activities you do that day you must use or learn more about the color.

For example, if you choose red, you can start from breakfast (with a fresh red juice) or red fruits, to clothes and to go with him for a walk and to find all the objects that have the color of the day together. . It is an opportunity to learn little educational things (an example being the traffic light and the meaning of its red color).

Build a cottage

From what? From what you have at hand! From cardboard, paper or cubes. It does not matter, as long as you put the child's mind to the contribution and identify all the elements necessary for its construction and the place where each one is positioned. It is a fun and fun imagination exercise.

Make a book together

It involves the little one in an activity that not only stimulates the brain, but helps it get closer to the wonderful universe of books. Use in her creation what you have at hand: pictures, drawings of the child, the first letters she wrote, pictures from nature, etc.

Have a small concert with invented musical instruments

You will not need a last-minute guitar or electric organ to have fun and to put the little boy in the position of an artist. It is even more fun when you put the child's imagination to the contribution and let him discover what sounds would fit in the mini-concert: a pan and a spoon, shaking a box of cereal, a bell and a pot in which he can clap his hands. become, each, unique and extremely funny musical instruments.

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