What to do and what NOT when planning a natural birth

What to do and what NOT when planning a natural birth

Natural birth it is the choice of many mothers to bring their baby to the world and it is a moment expected with great joy, but also with fear. In order to better prepare for this moment and not take yourself by surprise, it is important to know what to do and what not to do before the birth, especially if you choose not to do epidural anesthesia, to relieve pain during labor.

YES, find a trusted doctor: we all know how important the trust between the doctor and the patient is, which is why it is vital to find a gynecologist with whom you communicate well and which makes you feel safe. Talk to your doctor and tell him you don't want epidural anesthesia unless necessary. Establish these issues very clearly.

Do NOT listen to stories about unpleasant experiences in hospitals: now, more than ever, you should not listen to the stories of others in hospitals, about unsuccessful operations or traumatic experiences, because you will do nothing more than think that something can happen to you.

YES, prepare yourself psychically for birth: you can choose to do yoga, meditate, create a positive scenario and visualize the moment of birth. You have to trust your body, relax your mind, learn not to be tense. Think at birth that in a natural process, that your body will know what to do, trust yourself and your strengths.

DO NOT inform yourself: many women are starving from the moment the work is started, for fear of having an uncontrolled chair. Do not do this, but eat well before you go to maternity, because labor is a process that requires you a lot, and you need strength and energy. Also, labor is not only demanding, but it can take a long time.

YES, you trust your body: The body of a woman is ready to host a new baby girl for nine months and is just as well prepared for the birth, so you don't have to worry that you won't face it. And even if a delicate situation arises, the medical team assisting you at birth is there to help you, so that you and your baby can be healthy.

DON'T forget about your partner: you are the one who brings the child to the world, but do not forget that the partner is equally important and you should not forget about his needs. It is true that many men run away from the birth hall, but there are future fathers who want to attend the birth. The partner may be the person who will give you the most help during the birth, so involve him, don't let him go.

YES, gather information: During the entire pregnancy period, but especially in the last months, inquire about all that labor means, contractions, about the signs that indicate that the birth has started, but also about the complications that may occur.

Do NOT be tempted to try different positions at work: when labor begins, with the first contractions, it may be difficult for you to find a position in which to feel good. Do not be afraid to change your place, for some women it can be easy to lie on one side, others to sit crouched, even on the toilet, for some it is comfortable to make fittings or to move or swing.

YES, expect at a time when you want to give up: almost any woman who is at work will at one point feel unable to cope and no longer wants to continue. Specialists say that such moments occur towards the end of labor, when the baby is very close to coming to the world. In those moments you just have to rely on the help and support of the surrounding team, your husband, if present and gather your strengths. Think about when you will hold your baby in your arms.

Do NOT feel guilty: it may happen that the natural birth does not proceed as you planned. But this is not a reason to make you feel guilty, you have to be proud of the fact that you have managed to bring a healthy baby to the world. It's all that matters, after all.

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