Birthday of the child, new and creative ideas to celebrate it

Birthday of the child, new and creative ideas to celebrate it

The birthday of the child is an important event of the family, a reason for holidays, relaxation and fun, but also for collecting wonderful memories over the years. To make a cute cake, call 2-3 children to him and receive gifts is pretty and cute, but they have lost their charm over time. Children always need diversity in order not to get bored.

Your child enjoys every birthday in which he is in the center of attention, but what would be the start of this year to surprise him and create some special traditions to enjoy together. How great will his surprise be and how his heart will grow joyful!

Soak it in balloons on the morning of his birthday

If your little one has 3 or 4 anisors he will be very happy and will be pleasantly surprised to see when he wakes up almost swimming in dozens of balloons. His comrade will catch the color and holiday spirit, and you will not hesitate to wake him up with the warmest wishes and the most delicious kisses!

Make personalized invitations for the party participants together

Ask the child, if he is old enough to know how to write or draw, to make personalized invitations for all the participants in the party. This means either drawing something cute or writing a text and personalizing it with his fingerprints and glitter and other sayings.

Send unique invitations made to you to the party participants

If the child is too young to be able to participate in the invitations, then do them. Impress your relatives and friends with some online invitations, but also print a little textbook with the story of the little one so far and attach a photo of his recent, as much fun. Your loved ones will be impressed by your unique method of inviting them!

Retreat to the most important moments of his childhood

With each passing year the funny memories and achievements of your child become more and more impregnated in the memory. Do not keep them there, but give them life on each anniversary. Either book a special moment at the party to tell the story of his life (also showing pictures) and what he has accomplished in the last year, or book a special moment with his little boy in which you always remind him how he was born, how shows, what made other funny moments from his growth.

Make the album of all his birthdays

Make him a special gift card where you will initially note down a few rows or paste photos from the birthdays of the baby period. And as soon as the little Picasso handles how much the colored pencils put him to mark each anniversary with a special drawing that you glue together in the album. Over the years, they will become an invaluable memory!

Turn the gift giving into a game

You certainly bought him more gifts. You couldn't help but do it. Pack them separately and secure them through the house. Then play with your little one by guiding him in the gift hunt. Have fun together!

Organize a themed party

If your boyfriend is a kid he definitely has a favorite hero. Whether it's Winnie-the Pooh, Scooby-Doo or Spiderman, your little one will probably want to have a party with these characters in the foreground. Make her please and invite the guests to respect the theme and bring something or dress in her specific.

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