Bakery workshop for young street

Bakery workshop for young street

The Concordia humanitarian organization inaugurated the new bakery workshop, within the Concordia trades school. The event marks a new success in the fight for social reintegration of disadvantaged children and young people in Romania.

This workshop has benefited from an extension project worth 500,000 euros, in order to be able to professionally train 24 young people for the bakery profession, starting with 2011. At the same time, it was equipped and equipped to host the practical workshops related to the modules. bakery and confectionery. The new bakery building is located in Ploiesti, sauce. West Belt 1A, inside the Concordia Children's City complex.

The bakery workshop recorded the first results last year, when 3 graduates obtained diplomas of baker and were employed in Romanian companies of profile. This year, the bakery courses began on January 10, and the 18 young people currently enrolled will finish the first bakery module in June, and the second will end in December.

In each element that contributes to the support of this project, the educational component is pursued, but also the effectiveness. In this context, we have created the necessary infrastructure to market the bakery and pastry products, prepared by the apprentice bakers themselves, for two purposes:

  • to be able to support, in part, the training expenses for the professional training of each young person;

  • to create new jobs within our bakery.

Starting with March, we will be able to sell our products in our own store, from the bakery, as well as through various partners (food distribution chains, hotels, restaurants, etc.). Also, the Bakery supplies all the houses of Concordia, with the necessary daily bread and desserts (about 2400 kg / month).

In 2011, 20 years after the establishment of Concordia in Romania, we are proud that we have been able to provide a family for not less than 1,000 children, and that we have helped dozens more young people to make an independent way of life, to - to establish their own families and regain their place in society.

"After many years spent on the street, I was offered the chance to have a home, to make friends, to receive the education I needed. Together with my colleagues, I now learn to shape the dough to make the bread that I We offer you all, for the joy of the day. After learning the job and becoming a baker, I can dream of a job. With every bread on your table, my dream of building a new life becomes a reality. this, thank you! " - Sandu, 18 years old.

At present, Concordia Humanitarian Organization has over 350 children and young people, from disadvantaged families or directly from the street. Our centers are located in Bucharest and Prahova County, and the Concordia team is made up of over 170 employees, collaborators and volunteers.