The ideal combination for the protection of immunity

The ideal combination for the protection of immunity

Immunoprotect Black Chimen is a product that helps increase the body's immunity, plays an important role in cell protection and improves metabolic exchange.

The black cumin oil from Nigella sativa seeds contained in the Doppelherz Active Immunoprotect capsules is obtained by pressing the black cumin seeds (Nigella sativa). This precious oil contains more than 50% polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are also called essential acids. They allow the normal exchange of substances in the body and give it a well-being.

Among the beneficial effects of black cumin oil are:

  • immunostimulant;

  • bronchodilator;

  • antihistamine;

  • antiallergic.

Content Doppelherz active Immunoprotect:

  • 600 mg Black cumin oil (Nigella sativa or Baraka);

  • 10 mg vitamin E;

  • 50 µg Biotin;

  • 10 µg Selenium.

Biotin is involved in fat metabolism and plays an important role in skin health.

Vitamin E helps protect cells from free radicals, being supported in this sense by selenium.

Selenium is irreplaceable in order to ensure good cellular activity, as part of enzymes. It is adjuvant in the exchange of substances at the cellular level and has a major importance for the immune system.

The complex combination of the active substances in the Immunoprotect Doppelherz active product is unique, being effective in a wide range of conditions, with only 3 capsules / day.

  • respiratory disorders manifested with bronchospasm, cough, inflammation and secretions;

  • increasing the vitality of the body and natural immunity;

  • alleviating cough and minimizing the manifestations of upper respiratory diseases;

  • prevention of the onset of paroxysmal seizures of asthma and whooping cough;

  • prevention of daily fatigue;

  • increased immunity of the body, especially during the manifestation of various diseases, such as allergies.

Recommended price: 40 lei

Available in pharmacies.