Physical activities prohibited during pregnancy

Physical activities prohibited during pregnancy

As the pregnancy evolves it is important to avoid any activity that puts your health and baby from belly to belly. Whether it is sports or regular physical activity, you should be careful when it comes to the following movements, to avoid unpleasant accidents or traumas on the abdominal level, which can be fatal to the baby.

Some activities in amusement parks

Walking is safe in pregnancy, and can even help you stay fit and cope with your symptoms. But do not venture into the slide, climbing or other such activities that can end with a fall or abdominal stroke that can be dangerous for pregnancy.


You can ride your bike safely in the first and even in the second quarter if you have experience and know how to handle the bike well. If you are a beginner, avoid this activity completely, because the risk of accidents is too high to risk your pregnancy.


If you were not a passionate runner before pregnancy, it is not the best movement method to choose during pregnancy. Starting with the second trimester, when the center of gravity is suffering, there is a danger of falling much easier and putting your pregnancy in danger.

However, even if you are a fan of running, how pregnant you must slow down a lot to avoid overheating the body and increasing body temperature.

Scuba diving

No matter how passionate you are about this activity, you have to take a break for 9 months. As you return to the surface during diving, there is a risk that small air bubbles will form and enter the baby's circulatory system and become a danger to pregnancy.


It is good to give up this activity during pregnancy, because a simple fall on the horse can be fatal for the baby in the tummy. Horses, like any other animal, are unpredictable and don't know when to react aggressively.

Hiking on the mountain, at high altitude

The mountain is an area with clean air and very good for the health of any person. But if you are pregnant it is advisable to stay at low altitudes. High altitudes can be dangerous for the baby in the tummy. It seems to prevent the baby from feeding on oxygen.

Contact sports

Even if you have fun from time to time playing basketball, volleyball or even football, it is good that from the moment you find out that you are pregnant to give up these hobbies, at least until birth. Even in the first trimester, when the tummy is still not seen, the danger of an elbow landing in the abdomen or falling into a bad position is kept, and the risk of pregnancy being affected is too high.

Skiing (on water and not only) and surfing

They are far too suspicious of the risks of falling and suffering traumas to venture out to practice them during pregnancy. It better adopts the principle of "good guard over bad danger".

The lifting of the weights

And lifting weights can be considered an extreme, extremely risky sport, during pregnancy. Take great care in what, as well as how! Keep this recommendation in mind, because otherwise you may have to suffer. Lifting heavy objects and carrying some weights over certain distances can have serious consequences such as spontaneous abortion, premature birth, premature removal of the placenta.

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