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2% tax for the smile of a child too much expected!

2% tax for the smile of a child too much expected!

Annually, you are required to submit the income statement to the financial administration, the deadline this year being May 16, 2011.

You can direct 2% of your income tax to an NGO, to support its activities. It is about the money you already paid in 2010, and if you do not complete the 2% for an NGO statement, those money go to the state budget, you have no control over their destination.

You can direct 2% of the tax to help your less fortunate peers, who want a child, but can only have it with medical help.

The SOS Infertility Association brings together people with fertility problems who have been running the "Infertility is a disease" campaign since 2008. For this purpose, the Association carries out a series of advocacy actions in the media and politics, in order to hold the Romanian political class accountable to the serious and ignored problem of infertility.

The SOS Infertility Association has no staff, not even part-time, and no stable sources of funding. Their survival as an organization depends on your donations and contributions.

Download the pre-filled form with the data of the SOS Infertility association:

  • for salary tax: Form_230

  • for other income: Form_200

Completing the form takes about one minute (name, CNP, date and signature). The statements must be submitted or sent by post to the financial administrations of the county / sector - find their addresses, as well as 2% campaign promotion materials and other details on the page.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to write to the Association at [email protected], the volunteers of this association answer all the relevant questions.

Directing 2% of the tax is a simple gesture, which will not cost anything (the respective money is already paid to the state in 2010) and which will allow the SOS Infertility Association to continue its activities - also under the voluntary regime they will do everything, but they will be able to cover the inevitable expenses.

Support the cause of the struggle with infertility, give the less fortunate people a chance to look after the smile of a child who is late to come!