Pregnancy and baby superstitions

Pregnancy and baby superstitions

Superstitions are a natural part of the culture and traditions of any people. Even the pregnancies and the pregnancies have not escaped their stamp, so there are some beliefs in this respect that give rise to the future mothers. Unfortunately, you cannot prove that they are real, but neither are they false and harmless. That is why many moms prefer to defend themselves by any means to keep their baby safe. They adopt the principle of "good security goes bad danger"!

Protect yourself from the Full Moon with a wrench!

It is said that when it is the Full Moon you must wear a key to your throat. It has the role of refracting the rays of the moon. It is said that if the rays of Pline Moon penetrate into the mother's belly, they may cause a congenital malformation called cleft palatal wave.

It is also said that if a pregnant woman looks at the Moon the child will be born with mental problems.

Nothing to buy for babies until after birth!

There is a very old superstition that says it is better to buy clothes, cribs and other things necessary for the baby after he is born.

And moms in the community have been hit by this pregnancy-related superstition.

Violetatoronto: This superstition that comes only from old people and I hate it all, I never agreed with it, "if you buy things before the baby is born, it is not good that you may die! ", this is what I heard in all the babas in the country, which of course remained with this preconception of 2 lei from the last century! In the end, God decides! I have to buy everything in time, now I have just taken a pair of pink boots and a husband a pair of blue, waiting to see what sex is and then we will buy everything!

Onita: Superstitions ... ha ha! Although few of us are immune to not even having a superstition, my opinion is that whoever has them takes extra care. You know how it is ... if it is written to you that something happens to you, it happens anyway ... it's how God-God wants it, not how we want it. I have no superstitions, but I will buy almost everything in the last month, I do not see the point in buying baby furniture, shops are, the money you put aside and the furniture does not last more than a few hours, plus you keep it there put dust on it. The clothes I bought and I will buy so slowly. But a stroller, furniture or other things I need to leave on the last hundred meters.

Baby parties are held in 7 or 9 months

If you are going to celebrate the baby in the American style, with a baby shower party, where you can enjoy relatives and friends coming to the world of your baby, it is said that the most suitable is to organize the party in the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy, because they are lucky numbers. In no case did he opt for the 8th month.

Do not attend funerals and do not stay in the cemetery when you are pregnant

A European-Mediterranean tradition argues that it is not good for pregnant women to stay near the cemeteries or attend funerals. It seems that after death, souls still remain on earth and can feed the baby in the belly. It is not good for him to be exposed to the deaths and negative energies emanating from these events.

If a pregnant woman gets upset during pregnancy, the child will look like the person she was upset with

It is said that it is not good to get really strong during pregnancy. And rightly so: the stress level increases, and from here there can be a lot of pregnancy problems associated with it. But it is good to be scratchy when it comes to investing in such feelings, because it seems that your little one might look like the person you hate the most.

If a pregnant woman drinks water from a cracked or cracked glass, a baby with "rabbit lips" will be born

Cheiloschizis or "rabbit lips" is a congenital disease at birth that can cause a lot of chewing problems and not just the baby. It is said that women who drink from such glasses are more prone to this condition.

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