Sandwich for little ones

Sandwich for little ones


2 wands with seeds

Cheese drawing

cream cheese Something Fine cream and usutroi


Cherry tomatoes


green onion


Method of preparation

Today we have prepared a series of delicious sandwiches for every family in the family, from small to large.

The first sandwich is based on Ceva Fin cream cheese with cream, which you spread over the entire surface of the wand. Over the cheese cream press the chopped green onion and begin to lay the layers of delicious ingredients: slices of Cheese drawing and slices of bacon.

The second sandwich is based on Ceva Fin cheese cream with garlic over which you chop the chopped peppers. As with the first sandwich, add slices of Cheese Drawing and browned bacon.

Finally, decorate these delicacies with cherry tomatoes and slices of salad.

These combinations sound so good that I'm going to go right now to prepare one myself!

Good luck and yours!

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