Dong Quai, a natural treatment for infertility in women

Dong Quai, a natural treatment for infertility in women

Dong Quai or "Chinese angelica" is considered the best female tonic, having multiple benefits on women's health, especially in the area of ​​fertility and reproductive health. She has also been called "feminine ginseng" and has proven over the years to be useful in combating infertility.


Don Quai is a plant native to Asia. It grows on the high peaks of the mountains of China, Korea and Japan, in a cold and humid climate. It is a fragrant plant that is part of the celery family, has smooth purple stems and bouquets of white flowers and fruits that appear in July and August.

The roots are thick and branched, yellow-brown and are widely used in many medicines. The plants need 3 years to reach maturity.

What properties does it have?

Dong Quai is a very useful plant in gynecological disorders, in the toning of the female reproductive tract, as well as in the recovery of the body after birth. The part used for medicinal purposes is the root.

It can be found in the natural shops in the form of capsules and has in its composition several ingredients that can work wonders in women's health:

  • volatile oils;

  • coumarins and coumarin derivatives;

  • polysaccharides;

  • phytosterols;

  • organic acids;

  • sugars;

  • vitamins;

  • trace elements;

  • flavonoids;

  • resins.

What conditions is indicated?

  • amenorrhea;

  • dysmenorrhea;

  • premenstrual syndrome;

  • menopause;

  • infertility;

  • migraines;

  • coronary artery disease;

  • constipation;

  • hypertension;

  • arthritis;

  • anemia;

  • hepatitis;

  • allergies;

  • rheumatism etc.

How does Dong Quai work in treating infertility and gynecological problems?

  • reduces hormonal imbalances (menstrual cycle adjustment);

  • improves the reproductive function of women, toning the area and substantially reducing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome;

  • stimulates and relaxes the uterine muscles;

  • balances estrogen activity.

How is it administered?

As tablets, 2 capsules 3 times daily. Dong Quai belts last between 8-12 weeks, so you can see the results.

However, it is advisable to seek medical advice or follow the directions on the leaflet for more details on their administration.


  • avoiding sun exposure;

  • in case of diabetes, caution and medical advice for the administration of the treatment are recommended;

  • it is not to be administered to people suffering from haematological diseases or bleeding disorders and to those with an abundant menstrual flow;

  • Also, Dong Quai is avoided during pregnancy and lactation, as it may contain estrogenic compounds;

  • Even those with breast cancer should not use this tartar, because of the estrogenic effect compounds that could worsen the condition.

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