How is being a parent in 2011?

How is being a parent in 2011?

There is a paradox in the growing and caring trends of the child in 2011: on the one hand the explosion of technological gadgets that help parents in the most difficult situations, and on the other "the return to origins" - the eco or vintage trend in the lifestyle of children. Find out the latest trends in children's education and discipline!

Vintage and handmade

What is old becomes new! There is a return to the past, both in the wardrobe, as well as in the arrangement of the home or the purchase of various utensils or provision for the child. Older children take to the grandmother's wardrobe to adapt clothing and be in fashion, while babies are dressed from head to toe with clothes crocheted by grandparents or even parents or purchased from specific fairs.

The taste for vintage furniture and accessories also penetrates more and more into the tastes of parents regarding the arrangement of the child's room.

Families with one child

In 2011, but also in the years to come, families with one child will predominate and grow in society. The lack of families with large children is explained by some easy to understand factors: the recession and the financial limits, the stress, the care of tomorrow in the workplace, the conception of children at an increasingly old age of women, etc.

Smart gadgets (applications for mothers and children)

The new phones and tablets released on the market are equipped with useful applications for mothers (they can calculate the period of ovulation, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, as well as finding valuable information such as recipes, addresses, maps, shopping lists, electronic calendars), as well as for children. They can be used successfully to entertain and relax children on long roads, but also to educate them through the games and educational programs implemented. Children can play such a tablet as if they were playing the organ or piano, look at the drawings, learn foreign languages ​​by listening to various lessons and do other educational, but also fun, things with them.

Children's designer clothes

Is it the quality or prestige of this trend that grows larger with each passing day? Many parents turn to reputable brands and designers when they want to complete their children's wardrobe. Many are affiliated with current trends, where more and more children are "branded" with labels of well-known brands and need to integrate with the current. More and more famous clothing designers are launching children's clothing collections and lines. No one disputes the fact that they are qualitative and from the materials chosen on the eyebrow, but the prices are a bit peppered too, and we do not put the fact that they are not practical investments, considering that the chicks are constantly growing!

On the other hand, there is a trend when it comes to clothing: children are increasingly copying the parents' dress style, and parents have a habit of dressing like them, matching them with the way they are dressed. when he comes out the door.

Trade in breast milk (breast milk banks)

Breast milk is unique and incomparable with milk formulas, both in terms of quality and benefits. But some moms cannot breastfeed or are not allowed. For these, but also for other mothers who need breast milk for the feeding of children, maternal milk banks have been opened. The first such bank was opened in Belgrade.

Prior to the establishment of this institution, hospitals were circulating before "breastfeeding", in which mothers who had given birth prematurely or who had excess breast milk supplemented the deficit of other mothers who had problems with breastfeeding.

Personalization of gifts, parties, clothes, objects

Everything is brand new personalized - initials, names, favorite story characters or favorite heroes - all the objects around the child are marked with these signs that will please the children and personalize them with others.

The decor of a party for the child's birthday has changed a lot from the past. We no longer have only simple balloons, some garlands and hats. Now everything is personalized.

Choosing the child's name, a new trend

Choosing the child's name has never been an easy mission. If until today sources of inspiration were the stars or simply the resonance of the name or the saint who bears it, newer parents begin to choose the names of their little ones. They start from the abbreviation or diminutive they like and the child wants to wear (Iza, Ina, Xandra, Vasi, Robi, Andi) and then throw around him an official, more serious first name.

More time for the couple relationship

If by the time the parents get older they can hardly find time for them with the appearance of the child, it seems that nowadays, they have become more and more selfish about the time given to the couple. Couples are realizing more and more that their relationship needs to be nurtured and continually developed, in parallel with that of the child and they are doing their best and looking for ways to spend more time in two.

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