Ginseng enhances men's sexual potency and fertility

Ginseng enhances men's sexual potency and fertility

Ginseng is one of the oldest known aphrodisiac plants, which has essential medicinal properties on enhancing the sexual potential of men and their fertility. In addition, it also helps to treat sexual dysfunction and offers other additional benefits.


Ginseng has its origins in Asian, Chinese, but also American countries, also coming from the North American area. Today, it is considered an Asian plant and in translation it means "quintessence of a man" or "root of life".

It grows in the form of a small shrub, and the roots need 5-7 years to mature. It grows in the rich soils of cold forests.

What are the benefits of ginseng?

The shrub has been used for medicinal purposes for over 5000 years and is considered a wonder of the world. The healing properties that it has proven over time have made it one of the most widely used herbs for natural treatments for various conditions and problems faced by both women and men.

  • balances metabolic processes;

  • stimulates digestion;

  • strengthens the immune system;

  • slows down aging;

  • improves memory;

  • regulates blood pressure;

  • lowers cholesterol.

Ginseng increases men's fertility and sexual potency!

Although it has beneficial effects on female fertility and reproductive tract, ginseng is considered an aphrodisiac plant with magnificent effects for men.

Ginseng contains steroids that have a beneficial influence on the sexual health of men, improving their virility. It increases potency, but also the number of sperm, which helps maximize fertility.

It not only has an effect of enhancing sexual capacities, it is also an effective remedy in case the man suffers from various sexual dysfunctions.

How is it administered?

Ginseng is found in several forms and can be administered as tea, capsules or tincture each of them having specific uses in certain conditions.

In sexual problems, the tincture is often used. It is obtained from ginseng roots macerated in alcohol and is used as a sexual tonic.


  • it is not recommended for people suffering from depression or anxiety;

  • it is not indicated in patients with acute inflammatory diseases;

  • does not exceed a period of 3 weeks of administration;

  • it is not given in combination with coffee or caffeinated beverages;

  • no alcohol is used during treatment.

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