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The parents tell how they won with Milupa

The parents tell how they won with Milupa

The promotion "With milk and cereals, baby car has" made other parents happy this week. As a reward, we were delighted with the stories of their little ones.

You also have time until April 4 to win a safe car for your baby, one of the 100 prizes consisting of Milupa products, for one year, or one of the 10 car seats for children. All you have to do is enter the packaging code on, the Promotion section.

Alexandra Purice - "I was amazed when I realized what I won"

We were in the store with the family and we had to buy food for Alex (our baby) and we saw on the Junior 1+ milk pack the promotion. My excitement was that I did not have to keep too many details, such as the house voucher (I do not understand the promotions in which you must keep the voucher); another thing is that by simply sending an email, in which there were not too many steps to register (great thing to send quickly and to the object), I could only send a number, which is why I said I don't miss anything if I send. It is worth mentioning that I have never won anything and I did not think I could win.

I was preparing to go to the post office to pay utility bills when I received the phone call from a pretty girl. At first, I thought it was a kind of application to complete the database for Milupa. I was in such a hurry that I didn't realize when he told me that I had won products for a year consisting of milk and cereals.

I thought I won a product for one year, and not more products for one year. The girl kept trying to explain to me that I had to mail the package to validate the prize, but I didn't understand much. Then, when I realized what I had won, I was amazed, telling me that the promotion was really real.

Alex is our first child, after many attempts and many years ... it is our miracle! I am amazed at the intelligence of children today, or maybe it was us, but he didn't have anyone to see. He is concerned about everything around him, from the curtain to the car wheel. He is cheerful, good and eats whatever we prepare.

Buzguta Cornel Adrian - "We eat milk and cereals every day!"

I found out about Milupa promotion just because our son drinks a box of 600g Milupa milk and cereals every day. Thus, I read the butterfly attached to the box, I saw the media advertisement, and then I accessed the Milupa website and decided to try.

My husband was the one who as soon as we bought the milk introduced the code, but we didn't think we could win, and now we are happy and happy.

My husband was the one who got the news on the phone when I was at work, then he called and told me to look for the winning code among the milk boxes, I was amazed because I am not used to winning. The winning code was precisely the most recently purchased Milupa box.

The news of Lucas Adrian winning Milupa products we shared immediately with family and friends and we thank you once again for this.

Our baby is 9 months old now and we are at Milupa 3, and despite some tips to go to cow's milk, I decided to stay with Milupa's milk precisely because it responds to the nutritional needs specific to his age, and he is very happy. and feels good, has gained weight very well.

And now I remember with pleasure how the first serving of cereals "Milupa mar, carrot" was enjoyed at 4 months. And now, at the sight of the milk bottle, he expresses his joy by shouting, and if he sees someone in the family band milk, he also asks with insistence until he receives.