Frequent fashion and beauty mistakes in moms

Frequent fashion and beauty mistakes in moms

Many moms are often overwhelmed by everything that is meant to care for and raise their child to pay more attention to their care. They basically give up being women to be mothers. I choose comfortable clothes, multifunctional accessories and adopts non-makeup. It's just natural and simple, right? It's not like that! Here are the most common sins of beauty and fashion that moms make!

Still wearing pregnant clothes!

Although many months have passed since birth, sometimes even a year and something, many moms still choose the comfort of overalls or large blouses and jeans with 3 larger numbers. They are absorbed in their comfort, despite the fact that they no longer have the number of kilograms of pregnancy.

Wrong, say stylists! There are some pieces of clothing (like baby-doll dresses) that can be adapted after birth and that are still in trend, but most of the clothes have to be put aside! It's time to return to the wardrobe before pregnancy and show off your forms again!

It doesn't make up at all!

Moms feel more like everyone's fast passing time, and makeup is no longer on the agenda. Adopt 100% natural variant! However, the specialists claim that you can create a natural look, but even fresh with a makeup that is done in 5 minutes. No mother should go out without applying a moisturizer, a foundation, a cheek blush and at least a lip gloss.

I keep my hair in my tail all the time!

It will be more practical and at hand, sometimes it can hide the cereals with which the baby has "painted" your hair, but it is boring and can damage the health of the hair.

It is important to display a healthy and shiny hair and leave it from time to time and detached. If you feel that it comes to your eyes, use strips and special clips, but do not torment it all the time in queues very tight and not at all appealing.

Adopt the backpack as a "full-time" bag!

From the moment of birth and until the baby grows up, the mothers adopt the backpack or bag as a bag. They are practical and roomy, but they are boring and do not fit into any outfit. There are quite cute and fashionable oversized bags that you could adopt.

He dresses only in sports attire!

Mommy's chiffonier seems to be invaded by trainers and t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and other comfortable and sporty clothing.

This way you lose your femininity and sex appeal. It is important to keep as feminine and sexy in the wardrobe as you can display not only at special events, but also in daily walks. Enjoy being a woman and the variety of clothing items in stores. Even if you're the kind of woman who likes comfortable, sporty outfits, there are plenty of casual-sportswear that can make a difference in your wardrobe.

Forget about giving yourself body lotion!

We often hear moms who complain that they sometimes don't even have time to shower or wash, but also to give themselves body lotion. When you do not give yourself lotion, you do not only endanger your beauty, but also your skin health. Dehydration and lack of essential nutrients provided by such products can lead to unpleasant and unsightly skin conditions.

He only wears sneakers and ballerinas!

You may have forgotten, but you are no longer pregnant! It is true that during pregnancy you are not allowed to wear very high heels and that you put them in the bottom of the closet, but now you are born and it is time to get back into the shoes that once displayed your femininity and sex appeal. Give up pregnancy sneakers and ballerinas, adopt sandals and shoes with a small toe or orthopedic sole that will benefit you, look sexy, but be comfortable.

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