Health in a glass of fruit juice

Health in a glass of fruit juice

It is proven - a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is a good way to maintain your health. The nutrients and vitamins in these foods give you energy.

Fruits and vegetables are an important source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and carotenoids, which absorb excess free radicals (important factors in the formation of wrinkles, in the aging process and in certain age-related diseases). Moreover, fruits and vegetables contain active enzymes that aid in the rapid digestion of the juice and its conversion into energy. Together, all these elements make fresh juice an easy method by which you can keep in shape and maintain your health, but also your physical appearance.

Juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables retains all vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The high water content helps nutrients be more easily absorbed in the body, compared to solid foods, and water helps you stay hydrated.

The fresher, the better

It is very important that the juice is fresh. If not consumed shortly after it is made, the levels of certain valuable vitamins begin to drop and the enzymes, which are still active during the pressing process, deteriorate rapidly. When you have a fruit juicer at home, you can prepare a juice whenever you want and you can drink it before losing its qualities.

Another benefit is that you can always be sure that the juice you make does not contain any additives and preservatives and you do not have to worry about added sugars in certain juices, which eventually contain a lot of calories. Fresh juice is tastier and has a higher nutritional value when poured into the glass directly from the juicer.

The right juicer

Preparing a fresh juice is easy, but only if you have the right juicer: one that not only easily extracts the juice from the products you choose, but which is easy to use and easy to clean. Philips presents some ideal fruit juicers, models HR1861, HR1858 (black and white).

With a powerful motor and micro-sieve filter, these juicers extract up to 70% more juice than other juicers. They have a large XL feeding tube, so you don't have to cut or cut fruits and vegetables in advance. All the components of the juicers are washable in the dishwasher. What could be easier?

In places, be ready, juice!

When you have to choose the products you want to put in the juicer, there are no rules - you can put almost any fruit or vegetable. A combination of 3 to 5 fresh foods is ideal. Philips juicers have two speed settings: one for harder products, apples or carrots, and one for soft products such as tomatoes and kiwifruit. All you have to do is choose baked goods.

You should also know that some fruits and vegetables contain more juice than others, so try to combine the harder and thicker products with the soft ones that contain more juice, such as oranges or peaches. Always wash fruits and vegetables well and remove damaged parts and seeds. Then all you have to do is insert them into the feed tube and you will immediately see how the fresh juice flows. If you want to add more fiber, remove the pulp from the removable container and add it back in the juice, mixing well.


Of course, there is no substitute for balanced and healthy meals, but with the right juicer it is easy to prepare fresh juice to supplement your family's daily diet. Children, who are generally milder when it comes to nutrition, tend to be attracted by the strong colors and natural sweetness of fresh fruit juice.

When preparing a juice for a Philips fruit juicer, the best part is that you always have control. You can use as many or as few fruits and vegetables as you like, experimenting as time goes by. You can even add spices and herbs to enhance the flavor of the juice. Not only do they taste fantastic, but they also bring other benefits. Below we present two simple and delicious recipes.

Recipe 1: An energizing drink with many vitamins from a pineapple, two apples and ginger. It is perfect for breakfast because it gives you a lot of energy. Ginger protects the cardiovascular system and together with pineapple are very good for digestion. Pineapple and apples, besides being good for digestion, are important sources of vitamin C, potassium and pectin.

Recipe 2: Convince children to eat vegetables without getting caught. You need a small bouquet of broccoli, a large carrot, a cucumber and a peeled apple. The juice contains several essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, silicon and manganese. Peel apples are a source of pectin, a type of fiber. Who would have known that vegetables can taste so good?


Philips HR1861 juicer - 548 lei

Philips HR1858 juicer (black and white) - 401 lei

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