Folding crib or wooden crib? The advantages of each variant

Folding crib or wooden crib? The advantages of each variant

When expecting a baby, the crib is the first thing you think of buying. The choice can prove difficult, however, because you want the best for your child: a beautiful, solid, crib mattress that supports the physical development of the baby and presents the smallest risks when it comes to accidental strokes.

Wooden bed, with three levels of adjustment

What can be more beautiful than a white bed, made of solid wood, which can be easily transformed into a standard bed when the baby is growing?

Most of the models currently available on the market are provided with adjustable side grilles on 3 levels of height and two steps of adjusting the base. Some wooden cots are provided with large drawers, where you can store all the baby's clothes and toys, until he reaches the age of 1 year. If the budget allows you, you will not regret investing in such a piece of furniture. A multifunctional crib, which can also be used as a closet, can be the best choice for you.

there it is the advantages of a wooden crib:

It represents a piece of furniture in the true sense of the word, which beautifies the room;

It is durable in time, thanks to the hardness of the material from which it is made;

It is simple to install and easy to clean;

It is multifunctional, it can be transformed into a bed for a single person;

It has folding sides, which allow you to bring it closer to the matrimonial bed, so that you can be closer to the child at night;

Allows optimal mattress fixation;

It is stable, it does not move when the baby stands up and grips the cuffs on the edge of it, shaking it;

The models provided with drawers exempt you from the additional purchase of a wardrobe for the child.

The wooden crib can become the safest place to sleep if you purchase separately and some special protections, such as rollers, which are placed around the mattress. You can also opt for textile fabrics, which cover the sides of the crib around or partially. These reduce the risk that the baby will catch his or her paws or legs in the bedspreads.

If you have decided to buy such a crib, choose one of wood treated with eco-friendly, water-based varnish, which is not toxic to the little ones. Babies have a habit of caressing everything they catch, so you shouldn't be surprised if your little one wants to taste at one point in the crib wood. Also, make sure the sides have rounded corners.

Folding crib

The great advantage of the folding crib is that ... it folds and becomes an easy-to-carry bag. In other words, you can take it with you everywhere, on vacations.

Folding crib has other benefits:

It is available in a wide variety of designs, colors and accessories. Some have textile walls decorated with cartoon characters, soothing colors and other interesting patterns, visually stimulating;

It installs very easily;

Can be used as a playground;

The mesh on the sides is transparent, which allows you to easily follow the baby;

The models on wheels are easy to move from one room to another, without requiring prior disassembly;

It is compact and easy to store, helping to save the space you have available;

The crib covers can be removed and washed in the car;

It allows the attachment of several accessories, such as the table to be wrapped, the toy carousel, the wake-up light or the mesh against the mosquitoes;

Thanks to the plastic and aluminum frame and the textile walls, it gives added safety. In a crib with the snakes, the child risks catching a handle or leg faster;

It is cheaper than a wooden cot.

Once you have documented and weighed the differences between the two models of crib, you only have to decide, depending on the budget you have available and what you want: a piece of furniture, durable and multifunctional, or a practical, quickly removable crib that you can take with you everywhere on vacation?

The choice is yours alone. I'm shopping!

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