Free IVF offered by the state to infertile couples

Free IVF offered by the state to infertile couples

Starting with June 1, 2011, infertile couples will be able to benefit from a free IVF per year from the Romanian state, up to 1500 euros for a couple.

"Today, in Romania there are 19 public and private health units in which in vitro fertilization procedures are performed. Certainly, the program will be carried out in the 2 centers of the state sanitary units, respectively the Obstetrics Gynecology Hospital" Panait Sarbu "( Giulesti Maternity) and Cluj County Emergency Clinical Hospital - Napoca. The program will also be able to run in the private units that choose to access it. I mention that, the private institutions that access this program will not be able to request from the patient, coplata, "said Cseke Attila, the Minister of Health.

The budget allocated to the IVF for 2011 is 4 million lei and it is estimated that approximately 800 couples will benefit from this year.

The criteria that must be met in order to receive free IVF from the state

  • the future mother must be between 24 and 40 years old;

  • at least one of the partners must have Romanian citizenship with a permanent residence in Romania;

  • at least one of the partners must have the status of insured for at least 24 months;

  • the couple must be married for at least 2 years;

  • none of the partners have children in their life;

  • for each couple, there is only one IVF procedure, whether or not they have had such an attempt;

  • ovarian reserve within normal limits proven by FSH or AMH (woman has oocyte reserve);

  • autologous couple (excludes donation of oocytes, sperm or surrogate mother);

  • the body mass index of the woman is between 20-30 (ESHRE criterion) - a ratio between age, height and normal weight.

Couples can submit their files to the centers that will enter the free MS program starting June 1, 2011.

After analyzing and approving the file by a Commission appointed by the Minister's Order, the Ministry of Health will pay the in vitro fertilization procedure in two stages: in the first phase the procedure will be paid in the amount of 1200 euros, and if the procedure is completed with a birth, the center will receive a bonus of 300 euros.

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