Start healthy, grow healthy. Together for a healthier generation

Start healthy, grow healthy. Together for a healthier generation

You are a mother and nothing can minimize the importance of this new role in your life. You know very well that for each role you have to prepare thoroughly. Especially for such an important one. Because in the life of each mother the most important thing is the baby.
The growth and healthy development of your chicken is in your hands.
To ensure a smooth development and for you to become a parent of grade 10, we present you these articles, with which we help you get through the growth and development stages of your junior.
Even if you know or do not know what the baby's diet and the problems that may arise, you will find in the sections below much of the information you need. And, if you still have any questions, talk to your doctor anytime.
We wish you wonderful experiences in your new mom career!

1. The miracle of breastfeeding

The importance of breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding

Only 28% of children are breastfed for more than 6 months

Breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding complications. Mother's breasts, problems and solutions

Problems in breastfeeding the baby

Feeding during breastfeeding

Foods that give you energy in breastfeeding

Signs that the baby is not getting enough milk

2. The correct diversification of food

When do we start diversification?

Diversification of children in Romania

Cereals in baby nutrition

The right time for new tastes in baby nutrition

New textures in the baby menu

Puree fruits and vegetables in baby nutrition

And what should the baby eat?

3. Nutrition of young children 1-3 years

How much should a small child eat daily?

10 essential nutrients that every child needs

Foods that should not be missing from the nutrition of the child

Foods dangerous for children

Snacks between meals. Nourishing and healthy ideas

4. Breeding milk for young children 1-3 years

Milk consumption in small children

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The statistical data present in these materials come from the Study on the nutritional habits of infants and young children, carried out by GfK Romania between March and April 2010, on a national representative sample for mothers with children up to 3 years old who are no longer exclusively breastfed. .