Healthy fast food choices for kids

Healthy fast food choices for kids

Fast food is the food nightmare of any parent. An ugly dream that with each passing day is growing in proportion, more and more new premises being opened and attracting children like a magnet. You cannot keep the child from the hatred of hamburgers or French fries, however much you want. But it is important to be smart and stimulate the taste for food as healthy as possible.

Children should not be used to fast food. Roads to such places must be very rare and the child educated in a healthy eating style. When you go with him to a fast food you have to keep an eye on the serving size. The calorie difference is exaggerated by the large from the small to medium menu and then to the large. Therefore, choose only small portions for the child.

Otherwise, even if the options are limited and never 100% healthy, you can try to introduce among the children's preferences in such places the following food tricks:

  • Instead of eating a hamburger, cheeseburger or other sandwich with lots of fatty sauces and toxic meats, you better choose the simple, toast sandwich that contains a slice of ham and cheese;

  • instead of french fries, you can opt for baked potato variants;

  • give the child a preference for salads; moreover, all the fast-foods have aligned and added to their menu various assortments of salads; it is a pity not to try to show them that they can be very tasty and delicious, better than any other sandwich;

  • always choose yogurt-based sauces, and avoid mayonnaise or ketchup - they contain more preservatives and fats than yogurt;

  • if your child is craving a famous hamburger sandwich, then opt for chicken and vegetable variants as much as possible; no cheese and lots of sauces;

  • always choose frozen dessert; it is much healthier than the well-known pies, bricks or donuts;

  • choose natural juice; more and more fast foods have the option of fresh, fresh juices; and even if they are not the most natural, they are much healthier than the acid-filled and E-variants that create addiction among children;

  • choose the types of vegetarian pizza, with as many vegetables as possible - if you learn it with their taste when it is small, it will not run into your nose, as you can imagine;

  • and shaorma can be part of the child's menu, as long as you take care to avoid the sauces and ask for less fries and more vegetables.

It is important to instill in the child since he is very small the importance of a balanced and healthy eating style.

In addition, your child can eat hamburgers and fries or pies, but make them at home, with as many natural products as possible. Explain to him that he is not allowed pizza, hamburgers or donuts in the city, but that he will eat at home and that they will be much better and tastier and that he will be able to participate in their realization. And he will put what foods he likes best in them! This way, you will ensure that you eat healthy and satisfy your craving for fast food.

Fried potatoes can be well fried in a splash of oil if you have the pan or the necessary equipment, the pies can be made according to the grandmother's recipe, with natural ingredients, and sandwiches with whole grain breads, grilled chicken and fresh vegetables. You just have to communicate very well with your little one and make him understand that you can have a little fast food at home, much tastier, which helps him grow big and healthy.

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