It doesn't go unnoticed! Donate 2 euros to support children with cancer!

It doesn't go unnoticed! Donate 2 euros to support children with cancer!

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children in Romania. Over 500 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in our country, and the cure rate is about 30 - 60% depending on the specificity of the disease and access to treatment, a very low percentage compared to other European countries.

How can we improve the existence of these children and young people?

PAVEL Association is fighting daily with the families of children and young people suffering from cancer. In this sense, the organization launches the campaign "Do not pass by yourself! - an awareness-raising action to help children with oncological conditions.

A call to the phone number 0900.900.082 (appealable only from Romtelecom network) costs 2 euros, but for these children 2 euros from each of us means a chance at life, a chance at treatment and care. With the amounts raised following the campaign, the PAVEL Association wishes to support the children and their families, by ensuring an adequate treatment and good medical care.

The situation of children in the oncology sections is sad

"In recent years there are no drugs in the country that are included in the treatment of these diseases and frequently some medical investigations such as: CT, MRI, PET / CT are paid by the families of the children, due to the lack of funds. Often, the families in need. come and ask for our help, and we make lists and try to help them. Unfortunately, children with cancer do not have time. The chances of survival increase with the early diagnosis and with the appropriate treatment taken at the right time. Unfortunately, many of the little ones come from needy families, and this fact has the effect of diminishing the care possibilities of the sick child, "said PAVEL Association President Olga Cridland.

"Don't pass by!" - the awareness and awareness campaign of the public opinion initiated by the PAVEL Association will run between April and September 2011 and is only a small step towards the immense need of children affected by cancer.

PAVEL Association is the only parent organization with children suffering from cancer in Romania and one of the few non-governmental and non-profit organizations in the country that works for cancer patients.

As part of the campaign "Don't pass by!" There will also be the National Conference "Pediatric Oncology News" (April 9, 2011) which aims to draw attention to the problem of the cancerous child, as well as the difficulties encountered by pediatric oncology physicians.

P.A.V.E.L. is a member of several federations: ICCCPO (International Confederation of Parent Organizations with Children with Cancer), UICC (International Union against Cancer) and IAPO (International Patient Organizations Alliance), ECPC (European Coalition of Cancer Patients), EUROCHILD (active network of organizations and individuals working to improve the quality of life of children and young people in Europe), IAPO (International Patient Organizations Alliance), SIOPE and the Health Alliance of Romania.