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How do you talk to your little girl about menstruation?

How do you talk to your little girl about menstruation?

Most girls experience the first menstruation around the age of 12-13 years. This is one of the highlights of a girl's childhood and the onset of puberty. It is important that this event does not take you by surprise and talk to your little girl before producing it.

Menstruation is part of the monthly menstrual cycle. It should not be confused with the menstrual cycle, which represents the period between day 1 of current menstruation and day 1 of subsequent menstruation. It is a sign of the transition from childhood to puberty, when a lot of physical and emotional changes begin to occur.

The duration of the menstrual cycle thus represents the interval at which your menstruation will come - on average 28 - 30 days. Menstruation (leakage itself) only lasts three, up to seven days.

Short and frequent conversations

It is best not to have a discussion and ready. Like a school lesson. Specialists argue that this should occur gradually in short conversations and on the subject. Otherwise, the girl also loses interest and will forget quickly, if she talks about this topic only once.

First of all, the discussion should start with information about the human body and its functioning. By the age of 12-13, the child should already know how the human body works and have already had the first discussions about puberty. Even sex talks should have started so far, but certainly in conversations with your little one!

It poses the problem of menstruation in the most positive light

It is essential to give the child as much detail as possible, but on his understanding of menstruation, as part of the period of puberty he already knows. The subject should be put in the most positive light. The girl should not be left with the impression that this period is a traumatic experience or "a burden" for women, because she will treat it as a negative thing that happens to her. You have to tell her that menstruation is a natural and wonderful part of the idea of ​​being a girl and that only then will she be able to become a mom and have children as beautiful as she is.

Be prepared to answer questions as clearly and honestly as possible

Be prepared to answer how correct and honest I am to the questions you will be asked. He probably won't understand much and that is why he will have a lot of curiosities that he will address. If you provide her with correct and useful information, you will prevent her from being influenced incorrectly by other sources and answer her wrongly. It is better and safer for her good development to find out all she needs from you.

Learn the rules of hygiene for menstruation days

In addition to the actual discussion about what menstruation is and what it means, you should also approach the practical part of this period.

The little girl should be gradually acquainted with the idea of ​​pads and absorbents. It is preferable to have them at hand and show them how they work, what role they play and how often they need to be changed.

Learn other things about this period

In addition to the bleeding period, menstruation is part of an entire menstrual cycle. The little girl should know that before the onset of the bleeding itself she may manifest some specific symptoms that she should not worry about, because they are unpleasant, but normal: tummy aches, bloating, hot flushes, breast pains, etc.

Also, tell her that the bleeding period lasts, from face to face, between 3 and 7 days and that it appears regularly at 28 days.

Even if it is a delicate subject, it is advisable to explain to the little girl that with the installation of the menstruation (even just a few days before her first appearance) she has the possibility to become a mother. It's time to tell her a few things about ovulation, as far as it goes.

It is an opportune time to tell her about the changes since puberty, if you have not done so before.

Put it on your guard and about the small "accidents" that may occur. Because the girls can be scared, shame and even stress if they are spotted at least during this period. You have to make sure that this happens to all girls and that there is no reason to be scared.

Explain that menstruation occurs only in girls

It is possible that your little one will ask you if the boys are part of it. If she is curious in this sense you can explain to her that the body of the boys works differently than the girls and you can give her some details.

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