Registrations have started at Boem Club, the largest music school in Bucharest

Registrations have started at Boem Club, the largest music school in Bucharest

The Boem Club Music School, the largest private music school in Bucharest, opens its doors for all music lovers and art lovers, through registration in the 2017-2018 school year at individual piano lessons, guitar singing, violin, saxophone, cello, clarinet, drums and music education for preschoolers.

Until September 1, you can register for music courses from the three Boem Club headquarters in Bucharest, located in important areas of the Capital such as: Dorobanti Square, Salt Road and Alba Iulia Square round;

The Boem Club Music School has a history of 8 years on the market, during which time it has accumulated many important prizes for piano, guitar and performance competitions.

As every year, the students of the Boem Club School of Music will be able to take part in the auditions, concerts and competitions organized with and for them, thus putting into practice all the knowledge gained at the music courses and demonstrating their talent in front of the spectator audience at these events. . Also, children between the ages of 7 and 17 can participate annually in the Boem Club Music Camp.

The teachers of the Boem Club School of Music are all Conservative graduates, specialized in pedagogy and oriented to the training of a large number of amateur or professional musicians. The instrument and singing courses are addressed to people of all ages, regardless of age or level of musical training and an advantage is that the music courses can participate simultaneously with the brothers or consecutive music hours can be scheduled;

Also, in order to facilitate the musical development of the trainees, the Boem Club Music School offers the tools for individual study, free of charge, outside the hours. At the same time, those who want to buy their own instrument can do so through Boem Club.

It is known that music lessons bring many benefits to children, especially in the spectrum of thinking and personality development, memory capacity and social skills, so enrolling in a music school can only be a great thing for small artists.

Registration for music courses can be made by phone at any of the 3 Boem Club locations and students can benefit from the opportunity to choose their desired time range if they register by September 1st.

For registrations and other information: [email protected]

About Boem Club

The Boem Club Music School is the largest private music school in the country, offering music courses for all ages and for any level of music training. With a team of over 40 Conservative graduates, Boem Club has 3 offices in 3 important areas of the Capital: Dorobanti, Alba Iulia and Drumul Sarii.