Spring cleaning, tricks for involving the whole family

Spring cleaning, tricks for involving the whole family

Spring cleaning is in full swing. And the moms are in one of the busiest times of the year, because the Easter is approaching: it's time for the desiccation of the house, shopping, setting the menu, service and many other activities that seem to overwhelm them. It's time to say "stop!", To calm down and involve the whole family, from small to large in this race against the clock!

Calm down a bit, grab a pen and paper and quickly make a plan

The confusion, stress and dizziness surrounding the holidays comes from disorganization. No one says that if you make a list, you will respect it exactly, but it is good to write down all the things you have to do with Easter: from the shopping list, to cleaning, painting eggs, cooking, etc.

Shares the cleaning tasks of each member

Once you've set the plan, it's time to take it step by step! First thing, cleanliness! Don't be scared, you don't have to do it alone! Make another list or make a small meeting with your dad and your little ones and start delegating tasks.

See what activities are suitable for each member. Fathers can take care of gardening, cars, washing windows and wiping the floor, and children can do a lot of small, but useful tasks that also have an educational role.

How do you involve children in spring cleaning?

Regarding the involvement of children, you must follow some rules and apply some useful tricks to arouse their interest:

- Make sure that the cleaning activities of the children are appropriate to their age.

- If you encounter refusals, remember that games are the most useful way to arouse the interest of the little ones.

- If they do not go, then pretend that he is at work and pay him back for the work he has done. It is a wonderful idea to help him understand that money is earned through work. Ask him what he would like to buy. She will definitely tell you a toy. Then tell him that if he is involved in the Easter preparations and helps you in everything you ask him to do, he will receive the money needed for the dream toy.

- Give the little ones their own cleaning utensils. Choose colorful towels and improvise other utensils because they cannot handle the mop or vacuum cleaner as easily as an adult. Buy a mattress with a small headlight and do not let it use detergents.

To make it even more fun, put the music in the background and have fun - along with your dads - humming songs and dancing while cleaning.

Dads, some younger children

You can be one of the lucky ones who have partners who voluntarily get involved in cleaning and then you do not need too many tricks and plans to get it ready, because everything goes together.
But if your partner is not very excited about the idea of ​​cleaning, then you must find strategies to somehow "bribe" him:

- sweet talk brings a lot sometimes; so it is best to ask him how nice and delicate you can be to help you do something; if you yell or command, you risk a small scandal;

- tell him several days before or at least one day that he has to do, to know exactly how to organize and get used to the idea;

- propose some "fairs" if you see that you are not so lucky: take the children from the ranks and take them to the park in the afternoon while you clean in a room; or if he is more passionate about cooking, then propose to him to prepare the meal while you finish the cleaning;

- calls for "heavy artillery"; no man will resist plans that involve hot and exciting nights in bed; so, encourage him, whispering to him what awaits him in the evening, after the light goes out and he may do more than you want.

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