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Diversification of children in Romania

Diversification of children in Romania

Milk formula is used by most mothers to replace breast milk, and tea and water are most commonly found as prime "foods" introduced in addition to milk.

In our country, the diversification of infant nutrition usually starts earlier than 4 months, both in cities and in villages, although specialists recommend starting only after 4 months.

Fruit juice, soup, fruit / vegetable puree, dairy products and biscuits are among the following foods that moms use to diversify children's nutrition. During the period when diversification should start, that is between 4 and 6 months, already half of the meals that babies of this age receive and whose diet is diverse is represented by other foods than breast milk or formula.

Starting with the age of 4 months, children receive almost daily a meal containing fruit or fruit juice and a meal containing vegetables or vegetable juice.

As for vegetables, the number of meals that are used as ingredients increases after the children turn a year and a half. But in this case, most of the time vegetables are used in the dishes cooked for the whole family and which are not always suitable for young children.

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The statistical data present in these materials come from the Study on the nutritional habits of infants and young children, carried out by GfK Romania between March and April 2010, on a national representative sample for mothers with children up to 3 years old who are no longer exclusively breastfed. .