And what should the baby eat?

And what should the baby eat?

The child should be offered around three meals and two snacks each day. The little one should be stimulated to develop a healthy relationship with food through the right choices. This way you will teach him to respect his appetite and he will begin to understand when he is hungry and when he is in the village.

Also, parents should not force the child to eat. If he refuses a meal, the mother will try to feed him a little later, and if he refuses again he will offer her other foods because he may not like those initially offered.

At 12 months, the child needs about 900 calories a day.

After the age of 1 year

Now the children's menu has become almost completely diversified, but this does not mean that it is identical to that of adults.

As before parents should pay equal attention to their child's diet.

For a harmonious development it is recommended to continue the introduction of new foods and to monitor the supply of essential nutrients (iron, protein, vitamin C, A, D, Calcium).

Cereals in the nutrition of the small child

Cereals for infants and young children are an important part of the diet until the age of 3 years. The child's brain and body continue to grow rapidly, so he must continue to receive all the iron he needs from iron-added cereals.

Baby cereals can be served at any meal throughout the day and not necessarily for breakfast.

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The statistical data present in these materials come from the Study on the nutritional habits of infants and young children, carried out by GfK Romania between March and April 2010, on a national representative sample for mothers with children up to 3 years old who are no longer exclusively breastfed. .