4 funny and tasty recipes for children Easter

4 funny and tasty recipes for children Easter

When it comes to Easter recipes, you already have a menu in mind and you know that traditional dishes will have a well deserved place on the table. It is very good, but you should know that for your child not only taste matters, but also appearance. Now you have the opportunity to prepare some healthy and special preparations for them, decorated in a funny and cute way.

Carrot shaped hooks


  • 2 cups and half boiled potatoes, made pure;

  • half of raw eggplant from 1 egg;

  • a quarter of a grated parmesan cane;

  • a quarter cup of crumbs (bread);

  • salt and pepper to taste;

  • garlic powder;

  • chimera powder;

  • breadcrumbs;

  • parsley.

Method of preparation

Mix all the ingredients, except the breadcrumbs and parsley, which is a decoration.

Here's an innovative idea to change the banal appearance of traditional baby vegetable chops. So fry the composition in olive oil, making carrot shapes and rolling them through the crumb before frying.

Decorate them on the plate, placing a parsley in one end.

Pancakes in the form of rabbits


  • 2 eggs;

  • 1 egg white;

  • ¾ low fat milk cup;

  • half a cup of flour;

  • 2 teaspoons melted butter;

  • half a cup of water;

  • 1 teaspoon old;

  • vanilla aroma;

  • fresh (preferably homemade);

  • strawberries;

  • chocolate topping.

Method of preparation

Mix eggs, milk, butter, water, sugar and vanilla, except flour. The latter is gradually sprinkled in the composition formed until it is homogenized, in order to avoid the coconut.

Fry the pancakes in the pan. They are filled with whipped cream and strawberries cut into small pieces or with whipped cream and chocolate topping.

To give the bunny shape to the pancakes, proceed as follows: fill the pancake with only 3 quarters, leaving one of the ends empty. Roll it and then cut in half (long) the end where you did not put the filling. Put it on the plate by arranging the two parts so that they form the ears of the rabbit.

With the help of topping you can draw eyes and with a piece of strawberry you can make the nose. Gurita can be made from a small strip of carrot.

Special Easter tray with eggs and rabbits and greenery


  • lettuce;

  • carrot;

  • boiled egg;

  • little chopped or minced cabbage;

  • Cherry tomatoes;

  • a few pieces of green beans or asparagus.

Method of preparation

All the charm lies in arranging the platter. Peel the eggs and decorate them to form a rabbit, as in the image above. Put 2 ears of carrot, two glasses of mayonnaise or a little cheese and a nose of greenery.

Place on one side a cabbage plate, next to the green salad, chopped and chopped and sliced ​​carrots, for color.

Then "cultivate" 2 flower stalks in 2 pieces of asparagus and put 2 cherry tomatoes on top of flowers.

Sandwich Flower


  • Boiled eggs;

  • bread (wand);

  • lettuce;

  • 1 asparagus thread;

  • mustard.

Method of preparation

The eggs are peeled and cut in half. Cut the slice wand and fry.

Then it is arranged on a plate, placing slices of bread in the form of a flower, as if they were petals.

Above them place a slice of boiled egg, then put a little mustard in the middle of each petal thus formed.

Optionally sprinkle the chopped green salad, and if you want the flower to have the stem put a strand of asparagus in the continuation of the petals.

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