Awakening time in babies

Awakening time in babies

The baby's wake-up time in the morning depends very much on the bedtime. When babies are younger, they sleep more than they wake up, and during the night the sleep is fragmented, but it has to accumulate between 8 and 11 hours. As long as you take care of a stable sleep schedule, your little one will wake up every day at the same time.

The sleep schedule or routine

Ever since he is 2 months old, he has to start establishing regular hours of sleep both during the night and during the day. The sleep routine begins to stabilize starting with 3-4 months.

The baby's wake-up time depends on the bedtime!

Children sleep a certain number of hours at night. So, if you do simple calculations you will realize that the time you fall asleep will greatly influence the wake time. So, if you fall asleep at 19 or 19:30 then your little one will not sleep more than 5:30 - 6:00.

It is important to set an hour of sleep in the evening that will suit you. The waking time must be established or calculated and according to the customs of the house. For example, if at 8:00 there is a large galley in the house or you wake up to go to work, it is good to wake him at the same time.

There is no ideal time for the baby to wake up in the morning. But the baby should sleep 10-11 hours a night. For example, if you wake up after 9:00, it means that you put the baby to bed around 23:00, maybe 24:00, which is quite late for a baby. However, if you go to bed early in the evening and wake up very late, exceeding the number of hours of sleep needed for a child of his age, go to the doctor. It is possible that there are medical problems that cause drowsiness.

Attention, for not all babies sleep all night without interruption. So, if you have a baby who wakes up frequently during the night to be breastfed, then the waking time might be influenced by these frequent wakes.

So, after some simple calculations, the best thing to do is to wake the baby around 7:00. This means that the extinguishing time starts at 21:00.

Hours of sleep at night

The hours of sleep at night of the baby differ from one age to another as follows:

  • 1 month - 8 hours;
  • 3 months - 10 hours;
  • 6 months - 11 hours;
  • 9 months - 11 hours;
  • 12 months - 2 years - 11 hours.

How do you help your child have a stable sleep schedule?

  • sleep it every night at the same time and wake it up at the same time every morning;
  • breastfeed him or give him a nap about an hour before bedtime;
  • create the environment conducive to sleep in his room (darkness, tranquility, adequate temperature, etc.);
  • have a bath and a massage before bedtime, etc.

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