Carmen won a Volkswagen Passed Milupa promotion!

Carmen won a Volkswagen Passed Milupa promotion!

In April, Milupa promotion "With milk and cereals, baby has a small car" has chosen the big winner. Teo, the lucky baby from Iasi, will discover the world safely on board a Volkswagen Passat car.

Carmen loves being surrounded by children

Carmen Belt, the big winner of the promotion, loves to take care of her nephew Teo, aged 10 months. She is not yet a mother, but all her attention and care goes to Teo, with whom she has a special relationship - she is the good aunt and he is the adored grandson.

"I like to pamper him with presents and stay with little Teo whenever I have the opportunity. We live close to each other and I love to go out for a walk and play in the park."

She was the most confident family in Teo's chance to win the big prize at the promotion "With milk and cereals, baby has a small car". He convinced his parents and together they entered a lot of products in the competition. He almost didn't believe them when they were announced. Especially since all her friends were aware and waiting for news. He feared it would not be a joke of theirs. She realized that it was real as soon as her name appeared on the website There followed three days full of emotions and joy, before arriving in Bucharest to take his gift.

Teo is looking forward to it, and now they are preparing for the first ride together - for Easter - in the mountains, in the new Volkswagen Passat.

Carmen learned from Teo's mother how important nutrition is balanced and appropriate for each stage of baby growth and that any healthy child is a happy child.

For 10 weeks there were also granted during the promotion 10 car seats for children and 100 prizes consisting of Milupa milk and cereal formula.