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Romanticism in couples during pregnancy

Romanticism in couples during pregnancy

Pregnancy is full of wonderful transformations in your body, as a future mom, but don't let your couple's relationship suffer dramatic changes! Pregnancy does not mean killing romance and amplifying your worries and precautions, until the relationships between you cool down. Does the couple's relationship with a pregnancy have to suffer, can it remove you, is the possibility that the man next to you looks at you with other eyes during this time?

The romance and passion of a couple often seem to suffer during the 9 months of pregnancy. The physical and psychological changes you go through when you are pregnant can make you quite irritable, cold and indifferent to your partner, and this could be overwhelmed by everything that involves your task, to which other daily tasks are added.

Most couples, often men, see the pregnancy period as a disease rather than one of the happiest moments of a couple's life. Once the diagnosis has been made by the doctors, the men become cautious with their partners, and this translates into the lack of sexual activity, the various activities you did in two, the flirtations, outings or vacations.

Here are some tips that can help you stay in love and take full advantage of the pregnancy period to discover new sides and experiences of the relationship.

Communicate openly and be with each other

An open communication can break down the barriers that can be brought in the way of romanticism in pregnancy. As long as you have full confidence in the partner and you can communicate your less good moods, the sometimes embarrassing symptoms of pregnancy and you are sincere with each other regarding sex and not only, you will manage to stay close and strengthen your relationship.

Find out about the pregnancy and the changes it produces

Many partners tend to put a lack of passion and romance on the fact that the partner no longer loves them and feel neglected. It is important to inform you both about what pregnancy means and what changes it is making in your couple's life.

It is a good idea to exchange books: you should read informative materials about how your condition is evolving and what your father feels when you are pregnant, and he / she will read about pregnancy changes and symptoms. This way you will understand very well from the "no" repeated when it comes to sex or soft gestures.

Don't be afraid of sex

Pregnancy is always the one that is most afraid of having sex during pregnancy. There is this fear - often unfounded - of not harming the baby if the penetration is too deep or the movements are too sudden.

Talk openly and confidently about what you are allowed to do and what not to do during sex with your gynecologist. In general, sex is not a problem for pregnancy, unless there are specific conditions or conditions that prohibit it.

Flirt whenever you have the opportunity

Remember before pregnancy how to proceed to arouse your partner and apply those methods, even if you are pregnant. The period in which you are pregnant does not mean that you are no longer allowed to wear the clothes you bought especially for him, to dress in his favorite color or to cook something delicious to delight him with. Keep playing in bed and still using "spices": whiskey, strawberries, chocolate and enjoy your love.

Explore other intimate activities that will bring you closer

Not only can sex be intimate! Sometimes, during pregnancy, sex is not an option. Because you do not feel well and it is normal or because you are not allowed. Therefore, it is important to discover together other activities that create a degree of intimacy as close to that of sex: mutual massage, soft touching and hugging, hugs while watching a romantic movie, flirting, little attention (mail -dragical gifts, symbolic gifts without occasion).

Make the most of the moments when you feel good

Even the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy have an end. In general, the first trimester is the worst in such disturbing changes and is considered the most risky for pregnancy loss.

But with the entry into the second trimester, these are diminished, and you will have a much better tone. Therefore, it is essential to take advantage of the well being and to be as loving and close as your partner.

Don't overlook it

Even if you feel that this period overwhelms you (especially in the last trimester of pregnancy), try not to neglect your physical appearance. Be always arranged, taking care to have the hair, nails, skin, but also the right clothes for every occasion. You will always be the one you fell in love with!

Do not lock yourself in the house

Pregnancy does not mean isolation, but rather exploration. In order to protect themselves from any problems, both partners tend to be extremely protective when it comes to the future baby. This means that he prefers to stay longer in the house, to avoid strolls, stresses, even visiting friends, because the child does not have to suffer. Try to lead a normal social life: to go for walks, to friends, to go on vacation, to go out to the restaurant.

Keep moments just for you two

Try not only to talk about pregnancy or non-stop baby, pay attention. Men are younger children, and like them, they may feel neglected, and even become jealous if you always bring up only baby and pregnancy, and they are somewhat neglected. Do not make the task the center of your universe! And pay attention to the topics and topics of discussion you choose! Do not try to capture any conversation with pregnancy and baby!

Keep in your life constantly conversations about the relationship of the couple, about what you like and what not, about what you feel, worries, frustrations, because only this will predominate the understanding and harmony in the couple.

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