When do we give up the crib?

When do we give up the crib?

Giving up the baby crib and switching to a small baby crib can be quite delicate for your little one. It is a major change for his comfort and can be easily done or you may have problems in this transition, because it is not often a flower in the ear. Find out who is the right age and how to get used to the new cot!

What is the right age to give up the crib?

There is no specific age at which this transition is made. Statistics and experience show that most children make this transition between the age of 1 year and a half and 3 years and a half. Specialists argue that it is better to wait until about 3 years because children are not ready for this transition until this age.

Obviously, the maximum age at which it is necessary to move the child to a normal bed depends on his energy level and how big he grows. If it is too active, it gets out of the crib by itself (it climbs the crib) and it is spent a lot longer or it does not fit in the baby one then this is the best sign that you have to make the transition.

The transition could coincide with other important transitional periods in your little one's life: such as switching to pot or using the toilet, from bottle to bottle or glass, learning about certain habits, etc.

How do you get used to the baby with the new bed?

Some children adapt more easily with the new crib, while others give more headaches in this regard. Every child is different. It is not unusual for the first born of the family to become more obsessed with the crib of small children because he attaches himself very strongly to him.

Babies have a natural attachment to some things and they come off very hard. Siblings generally adapt more easily to the new status because they will always want to be that older brother, who already sleeps in a bigger baby bed, so the transition might prove easier.

  • Some parents choose baby cribs that can be adjusted at various ages. So it might be easier for you to turn your baby's current crib into a toddler bed by simply removing the grids and extending some of its sides. Getting used to it is practically a blossom to the ear.

  • To facilitate the transition try to position the new bed in the same place where the bed was.

  • Also, put the same sheets and pillows or beds in the new bed you had in the baby. They will be the familiar elements with which he got used to the crib and will help him to adapt more easily.

  • Always choose beds that have removable bumpers. The safety of your little one is crucial, and the parents' greatest fear is that they might fall out of bed. With protective grilles you do not have to worry anymore.

  • Talk to him before moving the new crib with him for a while and put it in a positive light, showing him the advantages he has over the crib. It is important to arouse their interest.

  • Go with him to the shops and show him more models. Let him test them, talk about them and let him choose what he likes.

  • If your baby does not seem to get used to the new cot at all, do not give in immediately and do not give up. It is normal to receive such reactions. Not all children are excited about this transition. Be patient and encourage him to continually try the bed. If even after a few days of trials and encouragement it does not go, it means that it is not ready.

Cheats and secrets to give up the crib easier from moms in the community

creolina: We gave up the baby crib somewhere around the age of 1 year and 3 months for the same reason, because I often found him climbing or even in front of me trying. So I passed without detention in the junior crib ... if I work in the kitchen, I leave it in his room with toys, the door of the room open, and the kitchen is shared with the hall. From minute to minute I check him, he comes in the kitchen and look how I finish the chicken for the chicken.

Ramona07: We spent 2 weeks alone in the room - this was the first step, but we also set up a 90/200 bed because they are used to staying with them until they fall asleep ... but the smaller baby requires 2 days to sleep in the big bed ... we will probably mount the other and give up the cribs. The beds in the house are made of wood and they are up to 3 years old, and when they started climbing, I took out 2 sticks and taught them to move through that void ... the problem is when I sleep with my parents, that we have beds from the beam - the net and the risk is higher.

Mirel_a: Alex has a baby bed that turns into a baby bed. I remove the front grille and put a wide protection about 5 cm. Not to fall at night from him. The point is that I do not decide to take this step. I am aware that he does not have much anymore and he will be able to fall out of the crib, because he has started to put his foot up on the grid, next to the sleeves. He needs some strength and ... little bit.

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