The Bible, Volume 3

The Bible, Volume 3

From May 9, the National Journal and the Letter Publishing will bring you the third volume of the Bible. The most important book of Christians revised and maintained by Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania.

The text of the Holy Scriptures in 8 volumes with countless illustrations, pictures with the monasteries in Romania and maps of the holy places.

The third volume of the Bible contains: The Book of the Second Paralipom, The Book of Ezra, The Book of Nehemiah, The Second Book of Ezra, The Book of Esther, Job, Psalms.

The book of Psalms contains 150 poems. The number was established before the advent of the Septuagint: it does indeed have a 151st psalm, which bears the mention "out of number".

The same number of psalms includes the Vulgate; The happy Jerome translated them first after the Septuagint (probably using also the Hexapla of Origen), but the total is identical in the later translation after the Hebrew text.

The crown of the Old Testament poetry is the Book of Psalms or, as imposed by Greek terminology, Psalm. The name comes from the psaltérion musical instrument, a kind of harp of our day, with which the recitation or singing of religious hymns was accompanied. From the texts of the psalms, the most graceful examples of Hebrew poetic art can be extracted.

Grief, grief, nostalgia, longing, pain, suffering, doubt, despair, interrogation, imputation, revolt, humiliation, tear, song, prayer, begging, shouting, hope, meeting, rejoicing, joy, jubilation, ecstasy, here are so many steps. from the emotional universe of the psalms, which, besides their poetic beauty, explains why they penetrated so deeply into the soul of man.

The Bible represents the biblical text revised by Metropolitan Bartholomew in full and unchanged. The Bible is structured in 8 volumes representing an accessible and easy to use edition. It is a project that crowns the life mission of Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania in the service of the Romanian language and theology as well.

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